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My Name Is Janice And This Is My Interracial Confession:


I'm a white female and I am being fucked by this married black guy. Calls me his pretty white bitch. And he tells me the only thing I'm good for is draining his balls. I'm not allowed to have clothes on when he comes over because he needs to fuck as soon as he walks in the house. I leave the door unlocked and lay in the bed naked with my legs open. He's very rough with me because he says I'm a worthless racist cunt and I don't deserve respect. He smacks my titties so hard he leaves welts on them and he smacks my face and spits on me.

Yesterday he tied my arms behind my back and made me hang my head off the bed while he brutally fucked my mouth. He didn't even want any pussy he just rammed my throat until he came. Then he untied me and dragged me to the bathroom, made me get in the tub and pissed all over me. Then he told me I was such a nasty cum whore and he left. I don't know why I let him treat me like that maybe I deserve it and secretly enjoy being used by successful black men.  

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