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I've been a train conductor for three months. It's my first job out from college. I went to Hofstra on a basketball scholarship. I got this job through connections, and for being African American. There have been times when I felt lucky to have this job. Lucky compared to the crap I hear. Each day, I'd hear snippets of stories from well-dressed men and women who make more money then me. They are not happy. Their conversations revolve around each other's misery; with constant back stabbing; indiscreet manipulations with the goal to earn as much as possible. For a while I felt their pain; as I clicked tickets and checked their monthly passes; after two weeks on the job I brought that negative energy home. I stopped hanging out with my friends, used to drink to get drunk on beers, and get lost on my computer in endless porn sites, and empty conversations in chat rooms.

Eventually, I learned to build walls just to stop exposing myself to the commuter's anguish. The best advice I have is; go about your days without complaining. No one listens. Work as hard as you can. Ignore the hordes and their stories and focus on your life.

So, I now have this wall up. I started going out again. I even started playing ball for a local USBL team.

On the 9:23 from Penn Station, the cars were nearly empty. We had a problem with one of the doors as we tried pulling out of Jamaica Station. I was trying everything. The safety switch was stuck. A blonde pregnant woman with long nails, and her dark haired friend with too much makeup were complaining about how dirty the train was, and the amount of graffiti on the walls. I never noticed the filth. The cool November wind blew over them. I could see the hardened tips of their nipples under their thin sweaters. I was getting hard, and noticed them whispering to one another. I couldn't hide it. I tried turning around, but I had to use the intercom and stood sideways, giving them a better angle to my erection.

While I was trying to get the door closed and talking to the conductor on the intercom; the pregnant woman got up and shook the door a little. There was a piece of plastic jammed between the doors. She pulled it out and shook it in my face. The door closed and I said my thanks and moved on.

"That's all I get?" She said.

"What did you expect?" I said and tried to think of wet cold snow; just some kind of distraction to get my cock to soften up.

"A little more than thanks," she said and walked back to her seat.

Her friend got up and shook her finger at me, "You could've been a little nicer," she said.

"What would you like me to do?" I asked.

"Why don't you give her a kiss?"

"That's not appropriate. I'm not allowed to fraternize. You're passengers and I'm on probation. If I get caught kissing you - I could lose my job," I said calmly and tried to move on. I was flattered though.

"What's wrong? You never kissed a white girl before?"

I looked around. No one else was on the train. I never kissed a pregnant woman before, not that I wanted to, but I went over and leaned down to the blushing blonde and said, "thank you," and attempted to kiss her cheek. She moved her head to catch my mouth. Her lips parted, and I could feel her tongue slip inside my mouth. Her friend quickly reached over and started to rub my cock. My heart was beating. I knew I was getting into something I should stop.

The other woman unzipped my fly and reached into my boxers. She moaned a little as she pulled out my cock and flung her mouth down onto it. The pregnant woman sat back and spread her legs. She huffed out, "Suck it. That's it. Suck that big black cock. That's so hot." She licked her fingertips and shoved them into her panties. I watched the mound of her hand under the sheer peach colored fabric; rubbing her clit with one hand as the other reached up and squeezed her large right tit.

Her friend pulled back and grabbed my cock and slapped her cheeks. Her face was wet. Her skin was red and I could see some pimples on her chin.

"Want to fuck my friend?"

I shook my head. She was pregnant after all.

"Want to fuck me?" The blonde said and pulled her panties to one side. Her thick pussy lips flapped open. I could see she was drenched and could smell the scent of sweat and juice. She arched her hips, and I stood there with my cock stuck out and ready to sink into her. Her friend grabbed my cock and leaned down over her friend's pussy and started to lick it. At first she was slow, but soon she sucked on the swollen clit, and pulled back a thick lip with strands of hairs, moaning all the time and stroking my cock. I looked down at the pregnant woman. She was licking her lips as if she was following the pattern of her friend's lips on her pussy. Her eyes were closed, and her hips were rocking up and down.

"I don't have a rubber," I whispered.

"Neither do we. Do you mind?"

It was too late. My cock was brought within inches of the open dripping pussy and I sunk it in. The woman let out a cry, and her friend kissed her.

"You like it?" She asked.

"It feels like a whale. It's ahhh fuckin huge."

Her pussy was loose, but I could feel her muscles latch onto my thick cock as I watched it slip into her.

Her friend pulled up the sweater. I watched the huge belly shake with each push. Her tits were swollen and pale white. Blue veins streaked under her pale skin. I reached down and licked her left nipple. It was pert and she let out a sigh as I nibbled and sucked.

I could feel myself getting ready to release.

"I'm going to come," I said and pumped faster.

"I want you to come in me," she said with determination.

I kept going and tried to distract myself to last as long as possible; so I thought about the stuck door, newspapers, faded ink that said Fuck Jose, and the next stop Mineola.

I pulled out. Too many times pulling out with my ex girlfriends - led me to this routine. Holding the eruption as long as possible, watching the white bubbles begin to bead at the tip of my cock; I stood back till both women were face to face with my stiff, glistening black cock. Then it happened. The look on their faces was humorous. I spilled a thick gush into each mouth and watched as they tried to swallow my load, but I kept coming.

"More. Give me more," The pregnant woman begged.

Her friend had it in her eye and she laughed out loud.

"How was that?" I said as I pulled up my pants.

The pregnant lady whispered something to her friend.

"What's with all these secrets?" I asked.

"We need a big favor from you," the blonde said as she wiped the sides of her mouth.

"We'd like you to come to a party."

"Well...if you give me your numbers and the address - I'll be there."

The house was huge. It was in a private neighborhood in the Hamptons, and I didn't think I'd get past the guards. This was not a black neighborhood; the only things black were the BMW's and Benz's parked on the street and in the driveway. I heard music and laughing as I walked up to the front door. I rang the doorbell a few times, and was able to see inside the living room. The Knicks game was on. The pregnant woman was there, and she was opening presents. I didn't know what kind of party this was. To be honest I thought it was one of those swingers' parties. I rang the bell again, and a young man opened the door for me.

"Welcome. We've heard a lot about you," he said and led me into the living room. There were white faces with smiles, and drinks and ties and jackets and trophies on a mantel, and the high school portrait of the blonde and another picture of her posing as a cheerleader in the living room I stood in.

Her friend walked in from a hallway, and waved shyly at me and I smiled towards her.

It became quiet in the room. The silence raced through in the house, as if I became deaf all of a sudden.

The blonde sat there, and cleared her throat and said, "Ladies and gentlemen, Mom and father of my baby."

The sounds of screams and broken glass were everywhere as I ran towards the door. I remember the distinct sound of feet pounding the road behind me, and cussing and other words I had nightmares about when I was a boy.

I've been on this job for more than three months, and have seen too many faces and heard too many stories. It's time to get back to punching tickets and minding my business.




I was raised that you only date white guys. Period. No exceptions, my family was very strict when it came to no mixing races. I never imagined I would date a white guy who forced me to fuck all his black friends. Psychologically, It bothered me for the first 6 months but I must admit I do enjoy the bigger black cocks and its making me think about do I really want to be with a white guy all of my life. 



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"I was dating a nice white guy for 8 years and right before we were suppose to get married, we decided to take a break from each other to see if we would miss being together. After a few weeks I started meeting a few black guys and after I got fucked by them, I was hooked. I never called my white finance back!!!! Im a full blown slut for black dicks at this point in my life and Im never fucking white guys again!!!

My sister asked me to watch her kids, her black neighbor would come over after they were sleep and fuck my pussy good!

He use to suck my tits while he fucked me and that shit drove me crazy!!! I love going over to my sisters house :)



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"The Hot White MILF In The Library (Damn Bitch)"!!!!!

Another week, another married slut on Tinder hooking up with a black stranger! Oh goodness this weeks update is a fucking good one...

Stephen Bonheur here. What's up, people? Happy Thanksgiving! The Capital University campus library is essentially my second home, partly because I love to play around on computers in my spare time. Seriously, if I'm not at work or asleep, I'm usually at the university library. As a young Black man of Haitian descent living in the City of Ottawa, Ontario, believe me when I tell you that it's easy to get bored out here. I just want to graduate from Capital University, get my Law degree and get the hell out of Ottawa. Not much happens out here.

I don't like my chances as far as getting a good job after graduating from Capital University. I see a lot of recent graduates, both visible minorities and White folks, working at Tim Horton's, Starbucks and whatnot. Pardon my French but are you fucking kidding me? Getting a menial job that pays minimum wage after four years of university is pure hell! A while ago I met this tall, blonde-haired White chick named Brittany who has a bachelor's degree in economics from the University of Ottawa, but she can't find a better job than security work. This saddened and frightened me, man.

I am brutally honest with myself, that's one of my strengths. I, Stephen Bonheur, am a big and tall young Black man. I speak English, Spanish, Haitian Creole and French fluently. Soon I will have a bachelor's degree in Law from Capital University. I know that I will be discriminated against based on my skin color and gender in the job market. Equality sounds like a good idea, until you realize that creeps in power will always find a way to keep others down.

White guys in managerial positions hire Black women because they find Black chicks alluring but they're terrified of Black men, especially educated Black men. They'll use every trick in the book to avoid hiring me. I know this for a fact, and I hate the bastards for it. It's a good thing that the White population across North America is declining in numbers, but it's not happening fast enough to change the game for an educated brother like myself. I've got to improvise to improve my life.

Nevertheless, it disturbed me greatly when a blonde-haired White chick of Polish descent named Brittany, who has a degree from the University of Ottawa, told me about her failures in the job market. Hell, man, if a hot-looking, blonde-haired White chick with a pretty face, a Canadian university degree and a really nice ass can't get a job in the City of Ottawa, what chances does a Black guy have? Shit! Now you can understand the source of my anxiety, folks.

There seems to be a lot of old White folks working for the Canadian government. I swear, they outnumber every other racial group or age group in the government sector. Go into the offices of the Canada Revenue Agency or even City Hall and you'll be swamped by The Greys, as I call them. If you ask me, these bozos need to hurry up and either die or retire and play bingo. The government needs to hire more young men and women because we're the future of Canada. The oldies need to get out of the way. It's what mother nature wants.

Now, please don't think of me as someone who hates old White folks. In fact, there's one of them I am quite fond of. A couple of years ago, I met this older White lady named Carole Gravier in the school library. The broad is tall, curvy and short dark hair, alabaster-skinned and brown-eyed, fairly innocuous, fond of wearing White blouses and long dresses. I often ran into Carole at the campus library and we would talk. She was always encouraging me in my studies and other intellectual pursuits, like my writing. Very nice of Carole, eh?

Carole took an interest in me from the get go, but I didn't pick up on it till much later. I am not usually the type to let people get close to me. Ottawa seems like a friendly town until you realize that passive-aggression is the way of things around here. If you're not White, and you happen to be intelligent and dignified, rather than a butt-kissing sycophant who worships Whiteness like a certain Asian male classmate of mine, White folks find you threatening. Me? I respect everyone but I know I'm just as good as anyone else.

In my classes, I routinely outperform the high and mighty White males whose capabilities everyone is always talking about. Black male intelligence is often undervalued and underestimated. Smart brothers like me take advantage of this to catch our enemies unawares. I'm that Black guy who reads a lot of books, doesn't play sports, doesn't care for a lot of company, and finds intellectual pursuits more worthwhile than parties, sports, chicks and the like. Yes, people. Black nerds do exist and I am one of them.

Anyhow, where was I? Oh, yeah. I was telling you about Carole and I. From our conversations about everything from politics to my studies and life in Ontario, I garnered that Carole is a friendly, fairly liberal-minded and decent, if somewhat lonely person. I couldn't tell you whether Carole is divorced, widowed or married, or whether she has sons or daughters, because I never asked. I told her about my uncle Jean Luc, with whom I live in Barrhaven. I pay rent there and everything, since I am not a freeloader.

Yeah, Carole is a fairly mysterious lady. I've dated a couple of White chicks before, the last one didn't turn out so well. I met Dominique Moll at the campus library, and I fell for this nerdy, feisty brunette who's of German and Colombian descent. Lovely gal, friendly and decent, seemingly open-minded, and someone I felt I could open my heart to. Look, I won't bore you with the details but Dominique wasn't who I thought she was.

I am not one to bad mouth the ladies because I am a gentleman, but I'm also human. Dominique Moll hurt me, folks. Badly. I cared for her and wanted something serious with her. The fact that Dominique had a son from a previous relationship with some ginger-headed White dude didn't bother me. I cared for the Colombian nerd that much. Well, since one of us cared for the other a bit too much, and the other didn't care enough, we headed for a split.

Last time I saw Dominique, I was walking into the Capital University Student Center, and she was sitting nearby with some other chick she was talking to. I waved at Dominique and smiled, but she turned away and pretended not to see me. Nice, huh? Yeah, I've got lousy taste in women. You don't need to tell me. I, um, kind of know. Carole and I became friends, of a sort. I thought she was a nice, gentlewoman whom I had absolutely no interest in beyond small talk. Until I saw how hot Carole's ass and legs looked in a short skirt.

Seriously, it was on a Sunday, I was entering the train that passes through the Capital University campus on its way to the Emerald Borough of Ottawa's South Keys area, and I saw this hot-looking gal bend over to pick up something. Naturally, I checked out that big ass because, well, I am a Black man and a big booty is our collective weakness. I walked faster, as much to catch the train as to see whom this fantastic ass belonged to. Imagine my surprise when I saw...Carole!

Dammit, had I known that Carole was hiding such a big round butt and killer legs under those long, borderline Islamic skirts that she likes to wear, I would have checked her out a long time ago. Well, I smiled and greeted Carole, and we ended up sitting together on the train. Seriously, how did I not notice Carole's butt before? Typically, large moving objects are harder to miss! Well, that day, I got Carole's number, for, ahem, research purposes. I do a lot of legal research for my classes and since Carole used to work for a law firm, I figured I could use her help. Well, that's what I told her anyway.

Well, it turns out that I did the right thing. Carole and I began talking on the phone regularly, and our academic talks somehow turned into steamy phone sex. Soon I was talking to her about the things I'd like to do with her. I would even visualize Carole's big butt bending over before me as I jerked my dick off. Yes, I am that Black guy who loves a big White female booty. Black women don't like intelligent brothers. They go for Black thugs or White dudes. I go for the open-minded White chicks because a good number of them actually like Black nerds. It's a win-win situation.

One day, Carole and I got on the bus at Bayview Station, and headed to her place in Nepean. Carole lives off of Lincoln Fields Station, and we got to her high-rise apartment overlooking a nearby mall. Once we got there, the freaky library MILF and I got our freak on. We hit the showers, and the fun started in there. Carole might be over fifty years old but let me tell you, this broad has one hell of a body on her. I laid her on the bed, and feasted on that delicious body of hers.

I kissed Carole full and deep, then we began to do our thing. I kissed and caressed Carole's breasts, which were firm and ripe, not at all saggy like I'd been mistakenly led to believe older women's tits get. I spread Carole's thighs, and inhaled the scent of her womanhood, then buried my face in there. I like eating pussy, folks. Carole's pussy tasted wonderful, spicy and hot, and I licked, sucked on and probed it until I made the lovely lady squeal in delight.

Carole and I took our sweet time pleasuring each other all afternoon, folks. Usually, I can last thirty minutes to an hour with the college chicks I usually bang. Carole and I were in no hurry. I lay on the bed, and Carole treated my bulky, dark-skinned, masculine form like a canvas which she explored with her artistic hands. I had never had a woman finger my ass while sucking my dick, but it got me harder than a rock. Carole really likes my ass and managed to get two fingers up there. I actually liked it, and when I came, Carole drank my seed.

For hours Carole and I went at it. At some point, I put the lovely lady on all fours, and ate that big White ass of hers. Yes, folks, I am an ass man through and true. I love to kiss it, lick it, fondle it and fuck it. After giving Carole's ass a tongue bath, I rolled a condom on my magic stick and eased it into her. Carole halted my progress and tossed me a bottle of hand cream, and I used it to lubricate her ass. Finally, we resumed our fun. I pushed my dick into Carole's ass, and her hole gripped my dick like a vise. I love that booty pressure, folks. Nothing quite like it.

Now, anal sex in real life isn't anything like what you see in online porn flicks. A normal woman can't just take a big dick up her ass with no lubricant. Also, you've got to be patient and go slow while working your dick up her ass. Got to be clean too, if you want to avoid a stinky mess. Carole and I were in no rush, and slowly, inch by inch, I worked my dick into her butthole. I got most of it in there, too. First time around and I was already a champ. Afterwards, we lay side by side on the bed, chilling. Good times, folks. Good times.

Life in the City of Ottawa, Ontario, sucks but I know how to have fun. I am in my fourth year at Capital University, working as a security guard to make ends meet, and doing my own thing. Carole Gravier and I aren't dating, but we do hang out together, at school and off, enjoying each other's company. We do have sex, often, but it's not all we do together. I'm taking it easy, folks. Relationships are way too much work nowadays. Women don't like it when a guy is serious, so why be serious? I'm serious about my university degree, getting a good job and taking care of myself. Everything else? Don't matter at all in the long run.


"Tinder Is Full Of Slut Wives Who Love Hot Black Sperm In Their Pussy"!!!!!

Another week, another married slut on Tinder hooking up with a black stranger! Oh goodness this weeks update is a fucking good one...




"-My Wife Graduated From Harvard & I Introduced Her To Big Black Cocks"!!!!!

She was raised in a great home with a great family, she has never been with black guys before. Once we got married, i told her how i wanted her to open up her mind and make me happy! So after she went back to school and graduated we decided to celebrate, and let her fuck her black personal trainer from the gym. She fucking loved every minute of it. White women need to put their personal feelings aside and fuck more black cocks, the world would be a more happier place.


"Making White Guys Pay For It"!!!!!

White guys just cant stop paying for ***sex the thrill of giving their money to a woman who will smile in their face and lie to them for some reason gets them off! Here are 15 escorts talking about the first time they took a guys money and laughed about it later. (Btw: BBC always get the pussy for ***free)!

1. Craigslist

This sounds awful, but I was so desperate for money that I posted on Craigslist. Obviously that was stupid and dangerous, but I was 17 and I didn’t think about it.

I basically asked people to bid to see who I would go with. Keep in mind this was a suburb in the Midwestern US, so the money wasn’t crazy. I ended up driving 45 minutes to meet a guy who then drove me to his house. Again, so stupid. I can’t believe I didn’t die that night. This dude was like 50, heavy cigarette smoker, smelled like booze. I told him I was 19.

The guy paid me $60/hr for three hours. He smoked a few bowls, talked about jazz, and then very creepily went on and on about my boobs. I jerked him for like 30 minutes with this horrible rose-scented lotion, blew him, and eventually we had sex. I was impressed he could get it up with how high he was and figured he must be on something else. That’s mostly what I was thinking about the whole time.

2. AFF

At 20, I was on Adult Friend Finder when I was offered $2,000 for two hours of my time and a few snaps with his cock inside me. He was a 65-year-old man. The sex was pretty good, and I got off on the notion that he was paying to fuck me. Honestly, holding the money in my hand afterwards turned me on much that I masturbated the second I got home with the envelope in my hand.

3. The Male Escort

I’m a straight male escort and my first day of work was definitely not what I expected. In a typical booking, you meet, chat for a bit, sort out business, ask the client to shower then get down to business. For me, that generally includes a massage, foreplay, sex and a fair bit of conversation.

For my first booking, I received an email from a girl that basically went as follows: “Hi, I’d like to book you as a birthday present for my friend’s 24th surprise party.”

I turned up early to help these girls prepare the surprise and they’re all insanely attractive. Out-of-my-league attractive. The girl who booked me then drops this bombshell on me: “Oh, by the way, all of us girls are either escorts or strippers.” Uh oh, I’m in way over my head… I do my best to remain calm and collected and we all enjoy ourselves before the birthday girl shows up. They all turn out to be lovely girls and we all had a fun night. No actual sex, but there were a few shenanigans that went on.

4. Double Assignments

I had two clients my first day.

The first guy was really nice. Mid 30’s, extremely average looking. We started out with small talk. He offered me a bowl, which I refused. He smoked a little and then eventually kissed me. He had a bit of an ass fetish, I let him eat my asshole and lightly spank me, and then I let him put it in my ass– I figured that it was my first client, I should do a good job. I still see him from time to time, and he always tips very well.

The second guy didn’t even try to have sex with me, he wanted me to smoke a cigarette while watching him masturbate. That’s about it. He paid me for an hour without question and I never saw him again.

5. Cash Toss

When I was 18 I was looking for a sugar daddy when the CMO of a very well known company offered me $1000 for the hour if I came to his hotel room. I hadn’t considered transactional sex for money before but I was interested with the price so I showed up, got my money in about three minutes and went home with an uncontrollably large smile on my face.

The only awkward part of the night was when he finished rather quickly and then, I’m assuming from embarrassment, threw the cash at the door and asked me to leave.

6. The Real Name

I was an independent escort for 4 years. My first night, I was ridiculously nervous.

I went to an upscale hotel, nervously walked thru the lobby, hoping I looked like I belonged there, and not like what I was really there for. I was nervous the whole elevator ride up to his room. I walk to his room, lightly knock on the door. He opens the door, says (for the story’s sake, we will use the name Sarah) “Hi, Sarah?” and like an idiot I reply with my real name. We laughed it off. It was quick, 10 minutes. He was polite and clean. In the area for business. I ended up seeing him a few more times over the years, always very nice. Tipped on top of the hourly rate, which was always appreciated and made me choose to see him over other clients in the future.

7. The Opera Guy

My first guy said he was just looking for a blowjob, so I saw it as a very easy job, but then he wanted to talk for a while first. He was talking about Opera and I mentioned having sang a certain piece in choir, so he ended up asking me to sing, which was really strange. The first blowjob was pretty normal. He had asked if he could cum on my face and/or tits and I’d said OK, so I was expecting that. After he came, he put his dick back in my face and he told me to suck him hard again. Then he told me we had 20 minutes left and told me to lay on my back on the bed, with my head off the edge. I figured he was going for sex and reached for a condom, and instead he told me know and that he wanted to “face fuck” me. He came a lot faster that time, pulled out and came on my face. He yelled at me not to wipe it off and to leave it there until he left, then asked me to stand up and sing for him again while he was getting dressed. It was kind of surreal.

8. Accidental Escort

When I was 20 I used to troll around on Grindr for guys, and one day this guy messages me to hook up. He seemed to be the older type and I was interested so we met at a Starbucks to see if we liked each other. He turned out to be a fairly fit man in his late 40’s that was still quite handsome.

We chatted each other up and he was really nervous, and admitted it was his first time. We eventually went out to dinner and went back to my place where we had sex. I was letting him sleep over but he suddenly had urgent business at 3am in the morning so he left. When I woke up I found that he had left 300 dollars on my desk. Honestly at first I wasn’t happy because I’m not a whore and I didn’t need the money but I figured what the hell and got over it.

9. First and Last Time

He was in his 40s, from another town, and offered me $900 for the night. When the night came along, he booked a hotel, and I went over there some time that evening. I was so nervous I could barely speak a word when I got there. He was an average looking guy. I wasn’t attracted to him but it didn’t cross my mind that it mattered. I was still about to have sex with someone I technically just met, and for money. He ended up offering drinks (yes, I know how stupid this was now that I think about it) and I got drunk enough eventually to relax a lot more.

Once I was relaxed, he started kissing me, we eventually got naked, performed oral. We had sex twice and he got off in less than two minutes each time. Which was a really good thing because he was bigger than I expected too. After that, we just went to sleep and I left in the morning. Yes, I stayed overnight, which was probably another dumb thing to do but oh well.

10. Involuntary Crying

My first job was a private client, and I was totally calm on my way there and during, it wasn’t until I got into a cab to go home that I started crying. I wasn’t even upset; it was just involuntary. A month later I joined an agency my first night they gave me this guy who became my first regular, always booked half an hour and I never stayed longer than 10. The other job of the night was in an office in an old industrial estate, two very married men and another escort. She was really nice and reassuring and helped me get over the initial embarrassment. The rest of the night was just sitting in the car with my driver talking about WW2 and listening to Frank Sinatra. Most of the time I even had fun! But I still always got butterflies on the drive there.

11. The Dark Fantasies

I was “in-between employment” and talking in a philosophy-oriented discussion forum and started talking to a woman there. She was a practicing Freudian psychoanalyst. We began discussing sexual proclivities, and she confessed that she wanted to explore some kinky fantasies she had, and wondered if I would write her some erotic fiction on a number of themes. I agreed, and she enjoyed them immensely.

We talked more in-depth and a month after we first talked, she offered to fly me to her, put me up in a hotel for two weeks, and pay me a sum of money to act out her fantasies with her. I considered it. She insisted on it being a business arrangement, so that she wouldn’t “catch feelings” and because of the rather intense nature of her fantasies – “buying a sex slave” was part of them. I finally agreed.

Two weeks of debauchery ensued. Sex while reciting poetry, sex while drunk, sex in public, sex at a private party with an audience, domination, submission, role-play, on the roof of a high-rise in a thunderstorm half-expecting to die of a lightning strike. Waking up tired, sore, bruised, and mildly dehydrated was the norm. I tied her up, suspended her in a web of ropes, and thrummed them with a cello bow until she orgasmed from the sensation and the verbal accompaniment. She placed a rather vicious dog’s choke collar on me, chained me, and proceeded to entice and humiliate and tease me for hours.

Over time, we met for sex a few more instances – but we inevitably had developed feelings for each other, and so discontinued the business end of the arrangement.

12. Sugar Baby

I had heard of a website for a sugar baby/daddy’s and decided to try it out. After weeding through all of the messages I got, I found a guy that was actually attractive and had chemistry with, so we decide to meet up at his place.

The drive over I almost turned around 5 times, I was so nervous. I knock on his door and he looks mostly like his pics, just a little older and shorter. It was both of our first times so we have no idea what to do. We sat on the couch, talked and put on a movie. Afterwards we go to the bedroom and fool around and do everything but sex (I was too nervous). It was great and I spent the night. He ended up paying for my rent ($670) and a new phone ($500).

13. The Blindfold

I found this married guy. He ordered things off of Amazon for me to bring (we’re talking bondage/anal stuff). Anal was on the list of “necessities” to him. I was an anal virgin and reaaallly hesitant about it. I told him I wanted to be blindfolded for the thrill of it, but really, I just didn’t want to see his face. I drove to his hotel and he instructed me to put the blindfold on and I did.

I hated it. I hated every minute of it. I could feel his fat slapping against my stomach. I wanted to vomit. He gave me the $400 and I left. I cried all the way home.

This dude was convinced that I wasn’t in it for the money. I had a sick mind, I had a dirty side, and only he could fulfill it. I didn’t bother correcting him because I didn’t want to kill the self-esteem he was building for himself.

I told him I couldn’t do it anymore. He messaged me a few times over the next year but I kept telling him no, no matter what price he gave me.

I regret it to this day and nobody knows about it.

14. The Fetish Guy

I was extremely nervous but I had an experienced girl showing me the ropes.

My first call was asking for a duo, which made me feel a lot more comfortable with the whole situation. He was a pretty good-looking 40-ish year old businessman. Then he explained his fetish. He wanted us to feed him his cum. So we both fool around with him and he ends up banging me while my friend watches.

He finished on his stomach and I scooped it up with a spoon. Had to force him because that’s what he was into. I felt pretty gross, he got dressed and left and I made a quick 120 bucks.

15. Spaghetti Dinner

I was 22, just graduated with a BA in a major that would make me no money.

I posted on Craigslist and met a man the next night at his house for an agreed-upon 30 minutes. We sat on the couch and talked a little bit.

He took me into the bedroom and there were lit candles and a bottle of lube on the nightstand. I wouldn’t kiss him for awhile, but he seemed lonely I guess? I eventually did. He put a condom on and I blew him for awhile, but he didn’t stay hard consistently. I climbed on and rode him and he didn’t come by the time the 30 minutes were up. I liked him, so I kept going until he finished — maybe another 20 minutes? I didn’t charge him for the extra. I didn’t enjoy it as much as I would with a regular partner, but it wasn’t bad. After we finished he thanked me and we hugged. He suggested that next time he make a spaghetti dinner and we could eat and get to know each other.


"-Anonymous Submission! The Dark World Of Secret Black Cock Sex"!!!!!

Exchange between me and the gorgeous black man I work in same building with. I've gladly sucked and fucked his cock for over a year now.

BBC: I'm at the store getting flashlights and stuff for hurricane.

Me: Oh great! I need toilet paper and sanitary napkins!

BBC: What kind of sanitary?

Me: Always w/ wings. Thin ones in green wrappers.

BBC: I got you.

Silence and private laughing to myself until I see him in cafeteria.

BBC: I got your stuff in my truck.

Me: jaw drop You're kidding right?

BBC: No, not kidding. Gets me points doesn't it? big smiles and puts his fist out for a bump

Me: I'm speechless. kisses his hand I think i love you! huge smile

BBX: Come down to my office and show me how much.

Me: Yes, Sir.

He must really need my mouth today!



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I was traveling with this man, and he is very tall. During the drive that was going to take most of the day, we talked about many things and listened to a lot of music. But a lot of times I was distracted by my own imagination, thinking about his cock.

He is very handsome and about 10 years my senior. Athletic, about 6'5" and nordic. I was thinking that maybe he has a dark long black cock. I was never too interested in super big cocks but that once I thought it would be very good to discover how he is.

We reached our destination. Actually my destination and the next day he would continue on but I would stay there. I invited him to have some dinner at a restaurant that I know. He said yes. Before dinner I mentioned that there is a nice spa nearby and that I was going there. He drove all day so it could be a good idea for him to relax and enjoy some sauna. We chose to spend a couple hours at the spa first and then have dinner.

At this spa they have small sauna rooms that are actually for couples and we took one. When we stepped in I left my towel outside and I was naked. He had shorts. He was visibly affected by my nudity. I guess I got him really by surprise us being co-workers, but we kept talking and the temperature kept going up.

After a couple of sessions of very hot sauna and cold splashes I let the temperature more moderate, even comfortable, and as we had so much time to talk and be friendly I stood in front of him and just said "I want to see it."

He pulled his shorts down and in front of me was a cock of medium diameter but long as I expected. I grabbed and played with it and in an instant it was all ready and hard and shiny. Around 11" long.

He started saying something about condoms and I interrupted. "We are not going to fuck, silly" - I said. - "I just want to play with you a little. Enjoy the show."

I kneeled down in front of him, put my hands behind my back, and started sucking. It took me a little while to be able to take him all in, but I did! He grabbed my head at some point, I told him to not do anything, just stand there. "Don't touch me, don't touch yourself. Just let me see what I can do on my own."

I kept sucking and at some point I managed to get the rhythm right and take short breaths between each move and I was taking his entire cock, in and out, and kept doing it until he came.

During dinner we were casual and friendly as we were all day and I told him that I enjoyed the experience but I didn't want him to think anything much of it, as we are co-workers and I wanted to keep this casual and private. I mentioned that if our paths cross again during our travels I will certainly enjoy seeing him again but other than that, our lives continue unchanged. He was very cool with that and in fact he never bothered in any way. Our paths didn't cross again, yet. But chances are we will see each other some day, and when we do, I will be looking forward to suck that cock exactly the same way again.



A few years ago my boss, who is black, went to my house when I was at work and was going to have sex with my wife. He did not care if she was willing or not. He started touching her, coming on to her and she said no and got away from him. But he came after her, tackled her. pinned her down, slapped her face and ripped her clothes off her. He told her that if she did not let him have her he would fire me. Well, she relaxed and let him fuck her. He was pretty rough, did her a new one and she climaxed several times. When he was done he put his cock in her mouth and made her suck all the juices off his dick. He told her that if she told me or anyone else he would fire me. After that he started coming to my house on my wife's day off from her job and fuck her every week.

 On Sat. when I was playing golf he would come by and fuck her again. One Sat. we had lightning on the course so we had to leave. I went home and there was my boss in the process of starting to rape my wife. I grabbed him to pull him off her and he threw me on the floor, slapped my face real hard, pulled my pants down and fucked my anus. It hurt like hell at first but soon my arousal started and I shot my load all over myself.

Now, a year later, he uses my wife and me at will, in the office, at home, in the parking lot at work and wherever he felt like it. I have not had a raise in 2 years and tells me he will kick my ass and fire me if I don't do what he says. He now says he is going to have me castrated and have my wife's ass tattooed with a black cock on her ass. I am scared to death he will do both. Nothing I can do about it now except accept it as my fate. Anyone with a suggestion, please comment.



Let me preface this by saying - I am sane.


Many years ago, I went through a dark time, as we all do. I acted mine out in some depraved and dangerous behaviours.

I was online, probably on Yahoo Messenger back in those days, and trawling through the sewers of the net. Angry and horny and hurting. Did I mention horny? I was a bit of a pain slut back then, too. And horny. A horny pain slut. Are your alarm bells starting to ring?

My fellow cellar dwellers were certainly hearing them, and flocking around. And sure enough, one popped up who lived nearby. Being a classy guy, he probably had a handle like SuckYerMaster69, and a photo of his cock for a profile pic. Bingo - I'd hit the jackpot!

I pm'd him. I may have snarled a little. And I gave him his instructions.

Peeling my sticky fingers off the keyboard, I bolt to my room, rip off my knickers, snarl a little more, and put on a short skirt and a low cut top. Suitably slutty, I bolt down four flights of stairs to the enclosure outside the car park where the wheelie bins are kept.

Did I mention it was summer? In a junkie haven by the sea? Where seafood is the staple diet (at least, if these bins are any indication)?

I'm panting a bit - it's a hot November night, those were quite a lot of stairs, and I'm knickerless in a short skirt. And, I don't want to be late.

Between the garbage bins for Unit 4 and Unit 5, I assume the position. Legs spread wide, arms spread across these stinking bins for balance, face pressed down hard and cunt appreciating the refreshing sea breeze. I'm fairly sure that's broken glass that's poking into the side of my shoe. Shit happens. In fact, I think shit happened recently somewhere quite nearby.

And there I stand, and I wait.

I wait.

For about 5 years, I wait.

Obviously, MisterMasterGonnaFuckYouBad isn't coming. What an asshole.



Ummm, okay, there are footsteps on the driveway. And the rattle of car keys.

If that's the cute chick from Unit 2, I may die.

Footsteps crunching on gravel. Walk. Pause.



Whoever the hell they are, they are opening the gate to the bin enclosure. Whatever the hell is going to happen, it's going to happen now. Too late to pussy out, so to speak.

There are some sounds that I would know anywhere. One of them is the sound of a belt buckle being undone. I bury my head in the crack between the bins, as that seems very warm and comforting by now. Bin 4 and Bin 5, my soul mates, my dearest friends.

Oh god, he's right behind me.

He is standing behind me.

I may be starting to shake just a little.

Oh fuckety fuckety fuck. I can hear his belt rasping against the denim as he tugs it loose.

I'm pretty sure now it's not the cute chick from Unit 2. Is it too late to go back upstairs and knock on her door and fall to my knees and beg her to fuck me?

He's shifting his weight, getting his balance just right. I can tell from the small sounds of his shoes on the gravel. Maybe he'll step on that broken glass. Lucky I live near the hospital, right? RIGHT?

Another sound I know anywhere is the whistle of a belt just before it hits my ass. But I don't hear the first one. Perhaps I am panting too hard. And when it hits me, I do a sort of circus contortion, trying to leap out of my skin and meld with the garbage bins at the same time.

It doesn't matter. It's going to happen again.

Here it comes, here it comes, here


Oh fuck, that really hurts that really really hurts a lot.

I would sell my soul in that minute for a rough finger stabbing at my cunt.


There are tears and snot dribbling onto the wheelie bins. I'm gasping, cringing, thrusting my ass back for more.


Four is faster. Some incoherent words, or maybe just one word over and over. Please. Pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease...

Five there is no way I can stand another one, I can't do it, I am going to have to get the fuck out of there, what was I thinking, how can I get out get out get out?

Oh sweet mother of god, yessssssss.... there is a hand cupping my cunt, I want to die, I want to fuck, I'm biting down on my arm to muffle the screams, I am trying so hard to hump that hand and writhing, trying to force just one finger inside and oh that would be


Oh yes please yes!

Nails digging into my burning ass, welts on fire, legs shaking in pain and need and shock because it hurts too much and I just want cock so badly, ever so badly to make it all better please cock please


Oh! Cock I love cock I love it oh oh oh

Oh stop clawing the welts it hurts it hurts oh dear god fuck me here now oh yes please make it nasty make me cum don't ever stop don't stop -

Yesssss do that and grunt while you thrust into me, I don't give a damn about anything but feeling that driving into me and the burning stripes on my ass are a fire in my cunt and I'm burning wet burning -

Oh cum please cum

Oh dear god cum because I must cum on your cock right now

Oh my sweet everlasting god I can't stop I am going to cum

For fuck's sake slap my ass while I cum

tell me to cum!

Oh -

Oh! OHH!

Oh oh oh, shaking, shaking like a leaf, holy fuck what was that!

Head hanging down, panting, cum running down my thighs and the sweet smells of corruption like good friends all around me, the hard industrial plastic warm from my body heat now and slick with my sweat and my tears, and this is a good place and oh I do love to be fucked and my ass is going to hurt like hell tomorrow and it doesn't matter a damn, nothing matters but the deep deep contractions as the waves ease and he slaps my ass in a friendly way like some guys slap the back of their ute

And the keys are rattling

And the gate is opening

And he is gone.

And I rest there a while, purring a little, preening and lazily swaying my ass in the soft night air that's so soothing on it, wondering whether the people upstairs saw or heard, and really not giving a shit anyway.

And I gather myself up, more or less, and drag myself back up four fucking flights of fucking stairs, and I don't see any of the neighbors, thank god, as some things are just too hard to explain. Or too obvious to need to be explained.

And I take my sore and sorry ass and my comprehensively fucked cunt and just crawl into my bed and curl up and I feel...




And I like to watch.

Then he fucks me up my ass.

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The smell was deep, dark but the taste was fucking unbelievable. Welcome to the darkside baby, the dark fetish world is not fuckin joke.



I'm a slut.

There. I said it.

Am I ashamed of it? Hell no!

Am I enjoying the fuck out of my life right now? Hell Yes!

The beauty of this place is that I don't have to feel about the fact that I've had sex with 8 guys in the past 4 months. Maybe that even seems like nothing for other people, I don't know.

Everyone is entitled to live their life they way they want to. I'm going to keep living mine the way I do. I'm learning, I'm growing, and I'm having fun doing it. And if or when I ever do settle down it will be with someone who would never judge me for having slept with 29 other guys in my life.

"Be you. Be what you want. And then become unbreakable



Yes its a sad reality but my husband has come out as a man who likes to fuck me, watch me get fucked and then go gay sex parties and get man handled by groups of black men. Its hot, kinky and totally insane! I love him to death but his dark fantasies have just went to another fucking level this time around!



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I was in a pretty shitty marriage in which sex had become non-existent. Divorce had been filed but I was stuck living with the sob. I have a very high sex drive as well as bisexual tendencies so when the opportunity presented itself I jumped on it.

I went over to my coworker's house and took the time to get to know her and her boyfriend. Things were going well and her boyfriend decided it was bed time and we were to join him. He got naked and sprawled out on the bed. Her and I stripped and then she put her hand on my breast and started fondling it then she kissed me. Her tongue invaded my mouth so I stepped closer and began playing with her tits as well. We then joined him on the bed and began giving him some attention. First he and I made out while she sucked his cock then we switched.

She then pushed me down on the bed spread my legs and crawled between them. She ran her tongue along the slit of my bare pussy teasing me a bit then she opened me up. She began slowly licking my pussy lips till she finally got to my clit. She sucked on it kind of hard for a second causing my hips to buck a bit and for me to get really wet. Then she slid in a finger and started licking my clit alternating between long slow licks and short fast ones. Her boyfriend's cock was suddenly in my face so I began sucking him while she continued licking me. She added another finger and began fucking me with them till I came on her fingers.

Then he ordered me up and for her to lay down. Then demanded I eat her pussy. So I knelt between her legs as ordered and tasted pussy for the first time. I then felt a wickedly exquisite hard smack to my ass. My pussy clenched and got even wetter. He then impaled me and started fucking me hard and fast. I tasted every inch of her sweet pussy. I probed deep inside her with my tongue loving the way she tasted. I replaced my tongue with my fingers and made my way back up to her clit. All of the sudden there was another loud smack instinctively my back arched and I moaned into her pussy. He continued pounding me harder and faster pushing my face further into her. My licks and fingers getting more intense with each hard thrust. He then grabbed my nipple then pinched, twisted, and tugged causing me to cum all over the base of his cock. I kept licking and finger fucking her as I recovered from my orgasm till she came on my face and fingers.

Now it was her turn to get fucked. He slid into her as she laid on her back. I watched all his tight muscles flexing as he pounded into her. Then I started fondling her tits again as we kissed. I enjoyed watching their bounce with each thrust. So I broke the kiss and started giving her nipples some attention. First I circled one with the tip of my tongue. Then i took it into my mouth and sucked gently alternating between sucking and quick flicks of my tongue over it. Then i nipped at it. The combination of the sharp sting of the bite and the deep hard fucking was enough to send her over the edge making her cum. He finished shortly after pumping her full of cum. He pulled out and I crawled over and slid my tongue along the underside of his shaft from base to tip. Then licked the last few drops of cum off the tip just so I could watch it twitch. Then looked up and grinned wickedly.

It was an amazing experience and I would do it again in a heart beat. I loved every minute of it. After that I knew I was definitely bi and would want that in any of my relationships.



Some years ago I was sitting on my boat reading a slutty newspaper. An Ad caught my eye from a black man looking for a white guy for sex. I cut out the ad and put it in my wallet. I took it out a lot and kept reading it but was afraid to call his number. But, a couple weeks later, in a very horny state, I finally called George. I drove about 40 miles to his place in the Valley and found him to be a very nice good looking black man in his late 30's or early 40's. He asked me if I wanted to see his cock. I said I did. He told me to get on my knees and I did. The bulge in his crotch was very noticeable. I proceeded to unzip his pants. I reached in and felt his big cock growing in his Jockeys.

He undid his belt and I pulled his pants down and could not believe what a beautiful cock he had. I said I bet lots of guys suck it and he said only little white sissys like me did. That humiliation got me very hard. He pushed me down on the bed and put his cock to my lips and said, go ahead sissy, suck it. I took it in my mouth and it was the first time in my life I ever had a cock in my mouth. I could not believe how hot it made me. It felt so good that I wondered why I had not done this before. He told me how to suck it and began fucking my face. He kept saying, yeah little white boy suck it and things like that. I felt his hands behind my head and he said OK, sissy, take my load. He then jerked and shot a huge load in my mouth and down my throat. It amazed me how it tasted. I expected slimy bad taste but got a taste all its own.

I did not mind it at all and swallowed it all. I paid him $125 and thanked him. I always wanted to go and see him again but never did. Now, so many years later I desperately want to suck a black cock again. I am in Phoenix and if you are a black guy and would like me to suck your cock contact me. Donny



I took a photo of my young hairy wife Dee Dee naked in 1974 when she was ___years old. She was a senior in high school and getting ready for class when I asked her to pose naked for me. She asked why and I said I wanted it so I could remember how she looked naked when she was in high school. She thought that was a good idea and posed for me in a position they used in cheers, as she was a varsity cheerleader at school. I also wanted the photo to give to my best friend Willie, who was black and still a virgin. Willie had known Dee Dee for 3 years, and had met her after she and I began dating. They had become good friends also. Willie, who had been my best friend since the 6th grade, had kept asking me what Dee Dee, my wife, looked like naked. He had also been my best man at my wedding, and on that day Dee Dee had worn a dress that showed off quite a bit of her boobs. She had fascinated Willie since then, and he really wanted to know what was under her clothes. Willie was a tall, muscular black man, about 22 years old, very shy, and still a virgin. Willie was very embarrassed by that, as he had never been laid. It seemed to me, though, that he really was obsessed with Dee Dee, because he kept asking questions about her. A few days went by, and I had taken the photo of Dee Dee and had it made into a large poster for Willie's bedroom. I picked it up and took it to Willie's apartment.

 I reminded him if Dee Dee and I dropped in to see him that he was not to let her go into his bedroom under any circumstances. He said that was fine. We took it in and taped it to the wall next to his bed. A week later, Dee Dee asked me to call and invite Willie over for dinner. He came to dinner every week and we would watch television and visit afterwards. He agreed to come and came over on a Friday night after we got off work. Dee Dee had prepared a nice dinner after getting home from school and was preparing it when we got to my house. After dinner, Willie and I went into the living room and turned on the TV while Dee Dee finished cleaning up. I leaned over and asked Willie how he liked having Dee Dee's photo in his bedroom. He laughed and said he absolutely loved it. He said Dee Dee was the last thing he saw at night and the first thing he saw each morning. He also laughed and said he really enjoyed their time together having sex! I asked him what in the world was he talking about, and Willie said he would masturbate each night to her photo, and said he loved her boobs, but her really hairy pussy really did it for him. We both laughed about that, and I said it really did it for me too. Willie said he hoped someday to have a girlfriend with that much hair on her pussy so he could run his fingers through it. He also admitted that he thought he was also in love with Dee Dee, as he really loved her personality and her looks, but realized that she was taken and off limits to him.

Well, unknown to us, Dee Dee had heard her name mentioned as we were talking, so she came into the living room and asked what we were talking about. We both denied talking about her at all, but she said she had definitely heard us talking, and said Willie had mentioned that she was the last thing he saw at night and the first thing in the morning, and she said we needed to tell her, because she was interested. I told her what I had done with her photograph, and why I had done so. I explained that Willie had been wanting to know what she looked like naked for a long time, and that I had taken her photo to give to him. I told her about her wedding dress, and how much Willie had loved it and her creamy white boobies. I asked her to forgive me for lying to her, but said I really had wanted a photo of her naked at 17 to give to my best friend. Dee Dee looked at Willie and asked what he had to say to her. He just looked embarrassed and said he had wanted to see her naked for a long time, and admitted that when she did things around the house he would try and look down her blouse to see her boobs or would try and see up her dress when he could. He also asked her to forgive him and said he would try and stop doing that if it made her uncomfortable. He said he knew that she was in love with me and that it was wrong for him to lust after her like he did, and said he would try to become more gentlemanly.

Dee Dee sat and listened to all of this without saying anything. She finally looked at me and said I should have told her what the photo was for, but said she didn't have a problem with Willie having it. She looked at Willie and asked what he had done with the photo, and Willie explained we had put it on his wall in his bedroom. Dee Dee had apparently heard more than we thought, because then she asked Willie if he was masturbating to her photo. Willie was very embarrassed then, and admitted he had, and admitted to her that he was still a virgin and could not help himself. Dee Dee finally looked at me and said that I could have caused much less problems if I would have been straight with her. She then looked at Willie and asked him why he hadn't just come to her in the first place and told her what he wanted. She said that truthfully, she had been wanting to see what Willie looked like naked for a long time also. Dee Dee said her friends and her talked a lot at school about sex, since Dee Dee was more or less the expert since she was married and having sex regularly. Dee Dee said she had told her friends about Willie also and her friends had told her that black men have huge cocks, and are much more sexually vigorous than white men.

Dee Dee from that day on she had wanted to see Willie's cock to see how big it was compared to mine. She then looked at Willie and told him that she was willing to undress completely and let him see her naked if Willie would undress and let her see him naked. Willie's eyes got big and he looked at me and asked if I was ok with that. Dee Dee spoke up before I could and said that I would have no problem with that if I knew what was good for me and if I ever wanted her pussy again. I said I was ok with that, if I could watch. They both agreed immediately and my wife stood and started undressing. Willie also stood and almost ripped his clothes off getting undressed for her. Now, I had seen Willie naked in gym classes, but had not in a few years. When Willie was down to his underwear, it was apparent that he had a huge cock, and when he removed his underwear, Dee Dee and I were both shocked. It was very long and very thick, and hard as a rock. I had never seen another cock that size before, and I had served 2 years in the military and taken showers with many men. Willie's was the biggest I had ever seen, and it made me a little jealous. Dee Dee then walked over to Willie and stood a foot in front of him. She invited him to look her over and much as he wanted and she would show him anything he wanted to see. Willie began by touching her breasts and squeezing them softly, and he reached down and licked and kissed each nipple, which were standing up erect. Willie then put his hands between her legs and began feeling her up. Willie walked around behind her and rubbed her ass. The only thing he asked her to do was to bend over and spread her ass cheeks for him. Dee Dee immediately bent over and pulled her cheeks apart. Willie leaned over and checked out her little ass hole, and then kissed her ass cheeks. Willie then took his fingers and gently felt her asshole and rubbed it some. She then looked Willie over as well, and kept holding and stroking his cock over and over.

Dee Dee leaned over and put the head of his cock in her mouth and gave it a suck or two, then surprisingly told Willie she too wanted to see his asshole. Willie turned around and leaned over and spread his cheeks for her, and Dee Dee checked out his ass, and like Willie did she touched it and rubbed it with her fingers. Willie then told Dee Dee that she was more beautiful in real life than any photo could do justice to. They began to kiss in front of me and kept rubbing each other's bodies and exploring with their hands. Dee Dee finally looked at Willie and told him to follow her and they walked into our bedroom. She then lay down on our bed and asked Willie to get on it with her. She told Willie that when he left the next morning, he would no longer be a virgin. Dee Dee and Willie lay there for a little bit just kissing and touching each other. Willie's cock had gotten even larger while doing this. She then asked Willie to turn around and get in the "69" position. She then asked Willie to play with her pussy and lick it some, and said he was free to put his fingers in her and his tongue if he wanted to . She described to him where her clitoris was at and how to stroke it to excite her. Then she said she was going to put his penis in her mouth and suck on it. As soon as she did so, Willie climaxed and squirted a huge load in her mouth. Because she was under him, she couldn't spit it out so she just swallowed it. Willie was thoroughly embarrassed and kept apologizing until she said it tasted wonderful and thanked him for it. She had him come up beside her and kiss and hold each other more for a while until Willie was ready again, and she had him put his cock in her little pussy. It was so large and hard that he had to enter her slowly until it was all the way in, and then she told him to go faster and faster. Willie's second time was much better, as he was able to keep going while my wife kept having orgasm after orgasm with that huge cock in her. Then Willie would come hard again. They would rest a little and then go at it again. They went for almost 5 hours before they were too tired to continue.

Dee Dee had told me before they started that she was giving herself to Willie all night since he had never been with a girl before. The next day she was so sore she could hardly walk. After that, with my approval, she told Willie that he could come over any time he was horny and fuck her, night or day. Willie asked me if I had agreed to this and I said yes, but that I still wanted to watch them if I wanted. He agreed and came over right away and fucked her good in our bed. There were nights that I would come home from work and Willie would be in her and they would be going hard. I'd wait until they were done and my wife would ask me to fuck her then. I'd finish and she'd ask Willie to fuck her again. It was very erotic and enjoyable. One night, I was sleeping in the extra bedroom while they fucked in our bed. I heard her scream and went running in to our bedroom to see what was wrong. They were laughing at my rushing in and my wife explained that she wanted to see if she could get Willie's cock in her ass. We had never even tried that. She decided that they would start out in a 69 position. Dee Dee would suck his cock and he would eat her pussy. Willie then started licking her ass and trying to put his tongue in her asshole, and Dee Dee was doing the same to his asshole. One night while I watched them, she got so hot from what Willie was doing to her asshole that she put two fingers in his ass and pulled it open a little and started ramming her tongue into his but hole. When she did that, Willie almost had a stroke from excitement. After a few minutes of that, he flipped her over and drove his huge black cock into her ass and absolutely hammered it. After he shot his load in her ass, she could hardly walk for about 4 days. She didn’t complain though, because through it all she kept screaming for him to go faster.

To make it up to her, he came over every day and liked and rubbed her asshole to make her feel better. While he did that, she would lay there and almost purr like a kitten. He didn’t rush it either. He would work on her pussy and ass for hours. After that, they both really enjoyed anal intercourse also. It was also very interesting to see what the two of them would come up with to try sexually. One night I came home from having to work overtime and heard them in our bedroom. I walked in and told them hello and kissed Dee Dee. I went out and warmed up dinner. I then sat down and began eating while reading the paper. I got to noticing though that it would be very quiet in the bedroom for a minute or two, then I would hear some light slapping, and then one or the other would giggle a little. I heard Willie say to Dee Dee that she had just beat her best record of 1 and a half minutes. I got curious about what they were doing so I walked back into the bedroom. By now, Dee Dee was on her back naked on the bed and had her head hanging off of the edge of the bed a little. She explained to me that they were trying to see who could hold their breath the longest. She told Willie to go ahead and she would try to do better. At that, Willie squatted over her face and then pull ed his ass cheeks open as much as possible. He then sat down on her face and placed his asshole on her mouth. His very hairy balls, which were huge, lay across her nose, and all I could see were her eyes. I could tell by the faces that Willie was making that she was eating his ass as much as she could. After a short time, Dee Dee reached up and slapped Willie lightly on the leg. He immediately stood up and she took a deep breath. Willie announced she had held her breath that time for almost 2 minutes, which excited Dee Dee, as it was her personal best.

Then she told Willie to get on the bottom and show me how good he was. Willie lay down on the bed in the same position and she asked him if he were ready. He took a deep breath and then waved her to sit down. Dee Dee then squatted over his face, pulled her ass cheeks apart as far as possible, and placed her asshole in direct contact with Willie's mouth. She then began to keep time. Willie held his breath for about 2 1/2 minutes, but what excited me was looking at the expressions on Dee Dee's face while Willie reamed out her asshole with his tongue. She was in both ecstasy and in a highly aroused state. Looking at Willie, it appeared that he had grown a light brown mustache because of all of Dee Dee's pussy hair on his face. Then, they surprised me even more by jumping up and beginning to French kiss each other after just eating each other's asses out. They were always hot to watch, and later, Dee Dee and I played their "game" and I really found it exciting also. One afternoon, Willie happened to drop by to fuck Dee Dee and the two of them asked me to sit down as they had a question for me. I sat down and Willie said he had something he really wanted to do to Dee Dee but wanted my permission first, as she was my wife. I asked what it was, thinking it must be something pretty kinky as they had tried a lot of various sexual positions since they had started fucking. It turned out that Willie just wanted to know if it was ok with me if Dee Dee shaved her pussy for him just once. Willie, because he had recently been a virgin, and the only girl he had been with was Dee Dee, had never had the opportunity to see a pussy without hair. Willie knew that I loved Dee Dee's pussy to be hairy, and he did also, but just wanted to see once what it would be like to fuck a girl with a shaved pussy. I told them it was ok with me, and Dee Dee jumped up and said she would do that now.

 She was excited about getting fucked again that afternoon, I thi nk. She told us to come with her and we could help her. Willie and I decided that something that momentous should be witnessed, so we went gladly with her. We went into our bedroom to the master bathroom, which had a large shower with glass walls and a seat for her to sit on while shaving her legs and such. We all got naked and got in the shower together. Dee Dee got her pussy good and wet and then told Willie he could spread the shave cream all over her pussy. Willie put some in his hand and worked it in well. Then, to be equal, she told Willie he could shave half of her pussy on one side and I could shave the other half. So Willie got on his knees while she sat on the seat and Dee Dee spread her legs far apart to give him a good view of her crotch. Willie took his time and shaved her carefully so he wouldn't nick her with the razor. When he finished, I shaved the other half. When finished, it looked like a little girl's pussy. Willie was so overcome with looking at i t that he knelt down in front of her again and began to go down on her in front of me. After a few minutes of this, he picked her up and told her to put her legs around his waist. Once she did, he lowered her down onto his huge cock and held her against him by her ass, and began fucking the shit out of her. I didn't think he would ever be able to keep that up, but Willie surprised me, as he was very strong and muscular. He kept fucking her standing for almost 10 minutes, in which Dee Dee came 2 times. Then, Willie really dumped a load into her. When he put her down, I pinned her against the wall and fucked her again, and I could feel Willie's cum running down my legs as I pumped her and then filled her up with my cum. We both enjoyed the feel of a bald pussy, but after a month or so we all decided that we liked it better hairy so she grew it back. Willie came to us a few months later with another request and asked we hear him out. All of his requests of things to do with Dee Dee had been exciting and a lot of fun, so we asked what he had in mind. Willie told us that he had 4 other close friends who were black that he had known for a long time, and also 2 cousins which lived nearby. They were over at his apartment one night when one of them went into his bedroom to use the bathroom. He saw the large poster of Dee Dee that was in his room and had all of the others come in and see it.

They all wanted to know why Willie had a naked photo of a hairy young white girl in his bedroom. Willie told them about myself and Dee Dee and said he was fucking her every day at our home. At first, they called bullshit on that. He finally told them our story and convinced them that it was true. Naturally they wanted to know if he could ask if they could all fuck her too. None of them had ever fucked a white girl, and 2 of them we re like Willie and still virgins. Willie said he would ask us, but didn't think it would be possible. Willie came over the next afternoon to fuck her, and brought up what had occurred with his cousins and 4 friends in his apartment from the night before. We all talked about a gang bang with Dee Dee but told her it would be her decision, but we had no problem with it. She thought it over for a few minutes and said she thought that might be fun, as she had wondered what it would be like to give herself to a bunch of horny men. We decided to see if we could all get together on a Friday night, so no one would have to go to work the next day. That next Friday night, all the guys showed up about 7 PM while Dee Dee and I were watching television. She asked all of them to take turns using our two showers to clean up so everyone would be clean.

She had already taken a shower and was in al short little seen through gown with crotchless panties on. They all got a good view of her when they got there, but they were ready to get clean and get started on her. Once they were finished, all 8 of us went together into our bedroom. We were already naked and ready to go. I remember 3 or 4 guys got into bed with her and quickly got her out of her gown. I could tell by looking at her that my little white wife was ready for some serious fucking that night. We drove her crazy that night. While she was sucking off two or three guys, there would be someone either eating her pussy or fucking it. She took all eight of us in her mouth, pussy and even ass that night. She had gallons of cum pumped down her throat into her stomach, and swallowed every drop they ejaculated. They all came in her pussy, and most also came in her ass. By the time they all left the next day, they were exhausted, as we had literally fucked her for almost 7 hours. While some guys rested up, the others would be pounding her ass or pussy. When they finished, the others were ready to go again. The guys took turns resting up, and Dee Dee only stopped fucking when she had to pee. When she got thirsty, we would have her keep fucking and bring water and sodas to her to drink so she didn't have to stop. She had more stamina than I had imagined. She didn't want to stop, even when after 7 hours the guys had to stop from exhaustion. When they all had finally dressed and left for home, she could hardly walk because her mouth, pussy and ass were so sore. She went in and showered, and for the remainder of the day cum kept oozing out of her pussy and ass. She got tired of changing her panties all the time so just got naked and sat on a towel while we watched television. We all had a great time at the gang bang, but Willie, Dee Dee, and I decided that was too much for her with school work and all, and decided that going forward only Willie and I would fuck her from then on.

 However, we sort of changed our minds on that as every few months she ask Willie to have his cousins come over and the four of us would fuck her for the night. And even though there were 4 of us to one of her, she would still tire us out completely. There was no way we could stay up with her. She loved cock and wanted cock all of the time, which was wonderful. However, as we have gotten older, she has mentioned to us sometimes that she wishes she could have done a few more with all eight of the guys, as she enjoyed everyone of them naked and fucking the shit out of her. Later, we did have to make some concessions as the three of us had sex together. We had been trying to do double penetrations on her for a week or so, and sometimes it would hurt her. We finally figured out a way to do it almost painlessly. Willie would on his back and Dee Dee would lay on top of him face to face and insert his cock into her her pussy and began fucking her, and then I would get on her back and put my cock in her ass and Willie and I would really pound her. Willie was lucky because he could suck on her titties while I only had her back to look at. It was an intense feeling though feeling Willie in her pussy pounding away while I was doing the same thing in her asshole. We found out though that Willie could not get in her ass while I had my cock in her pussy. He was just too large for that and it hurt Dee Dee too bad. Another concession was the matter of us having children.

When we decided to start a family, Dee Dee had to go off of the pill. Because we wanted to have our children ourselves, we asked Willie to use protection when he fucked her, which is something he had never had to do before. He went down and bought some condoms and used them whenever he fucked her in her pussy. If they were doing anal sex, he still rode her bareback, like they enjoyed before. After 2 months of this, she had gotten pregnant and Willie went back to fucking her bareback all of the time. When Dee Dee got to about 7 1/2 months pregnant, we both had to stop fucking her in her pussy, as she was just getting too big for us to comfortably screw that way, so both Willie and I went to just anal sex or blowjobs from her. When she hit about 8 1/2 months, we had to stop the anal sex also, but continued with the oral sex. In fact, we laugh about it today, but on the day she gave birth she started out the day giving Willie head. She was really getting into it and Willie was close to coming in her mouth when the first contraction hit. She said later she almost bit Willie's cock off completely, but managed not to. She told Willie to hurry up and come because it was time to go to the hospital, and she began sucking him again with more energy.

In a few minutes, Willie blew a huge load of cum in her mouth, she jumped up and swallowed it, and off to the hospital she and I went. Willie and I were both happy after she came home from the hospital and healed sufficiently for us to start fucking her again. The eighth week she was home we were on her almost 24/7, except for when she slept or was taking care of the baby. By then, her milk had come in, as she was breastfeeding, and her titties got huge with large swollen nipples. Many times the baby wouldn't drink all of her milk and her titties would begin to hurt, so Willie and I would take turns sucking her titties and getting the milk out of them. We really liked getting nursed by Dee Dee, and we enjoyed drinking her milk like she enjoyed swallowing our cum.

Thinking back on it, I don't know how lucky I was to have a wife that wanted sex all of the time, but I'm glad I did. She managed to keep up with Willie and I and still keep her grades up in high school. She was a varsity cheerleader in her senior year and still made time for all of the extracurricular activities such as cheering during football games, basketball games and other sports games. She graduated with a 4.0 GPA and became an accountant. Willie is still friends with us after 40 years, and lives in California. He never married, as he always said once you have the best no one else will do. Willie always tells her he loves her when he first sees her and when he's fucking her also, and if I ever die I'm sure they will get married to each other. I do sometimes wonder if she and Willie had hooked up first and gotten married, would Willie let me share his wife as I have him, but I really think he would.

We see Willie three or four times a year, and after dinner they both go to the bedroom and fuck the night away. I still go in and watch them every time, as I enjoy that, and sometimes I join them for a threesome, although none of us are as energetic as when we were younger. I'm still so thankful that 40 years earlier my wife wanted to be the first to bust a young, shy, black man's cherry and teach him how to please a woman. By doing that, she also fulfilled one of her deep desires, which was to make love to a man who was a virgin and teach him how to please a woman. She not only got to do that with Willie but with one of his cousins and one other friend of his.

I now can say that she truly taught them well. I'm glad for these adventures because of all of the things she tried with Willie she taught me, and we still do many of them today. A man couldn't ask for more than that from a loving wife.



I was taken to US to be broken and trained by a "black dom" to become a Black Owned Sex Slave. It was over a year chatting and meeting on cam and by email because we live in Chile and then my husband and I flew to Miami. Spent three full dyas with him, same hotel... it was a disappointment! Poor sexual performance and weak attitude as dominant. I defied him each day and he did nothing. have the whole detailed story but right now is late here and cant write it but I can send each stage... each day. Now, because of that, I dont believe in that supremacy of black doms UntamableSlut



My wife says it would be the****utic for me to get our sessions out in the open . She says, tell the story of the first time. Ok here it goes….. We had a new neighbor move in and this girl was so fucking hot!! One day she told me the girl had admitted to wanting to fuck me. That made me even hotter for that ass but was I just supposed to ask for it? About a week later after work my wife got a text saying “ man swap? “ she said , I go over there and she comes over here. Well all I could think about was that incredible ass so I just said tell her yes . They did the switch and this girl wasted no time taking me into the bedroom. She pulled off her shorts and said if you want it you gotta eat it! After being down there for awile I asked her why she had a black spade with a Q in it tattoo just above her pussy. She said Ill explain while you work that clit!

When she explained I kinda freaked out and stopped. I texted my wife and said I need to talk to you! This girl was giving me head when I heard my wife come in the door and upstairs to the bedroom. Problem was she wasent alone. There was this big ass black guy with her. She sat on the bed and said I want to show you something. She pulled his sweats down and right in front of me was the biggest cock id ever seen in my life!! She looked at me and said are you down with this? I said why do you want it? And she said…….ohhhh yes! I said go ahead but that’s gonna hurt! The other girl said if your ok with all this I’m gonna leave. My wife looked at me and said send her home, so I did. On her way out she looked at me and said I really don’t think your prepared for whats gonna happen to your wife and her pussy.Then she looked at him and said , NO MERCY! This sent shivers down my spine! My wife started stroking his cock and it was swelling! My wife is very talented at giving head. She can swallow my whole dick but he was hard she could only get the tip of his head in her mouth he was that fucking big! I didn’t see any way it was gonna even fit in her pussy but I was wrong. She took off her panties and they were absolutely soaked. She got on the bed and put that little ass in the air . making sure that I could see it all.

When he got behind her what ensued was absolutely traumatizing! Some guys would need counseling to recover. Its almost impossible to describe but in all honesty, size and all this is what I saw close up and personal: First doggy then on top then on her back and back to doggy!! This bulls cock measures in at a little over 13" and forearm thick!!! ( she's measured it) She was always making very sure I had a clear view of the carnage. I was pretty proud of how much I could make her cum…….until this! He made her cum harder and more times than I do in a month! Women do what they will but if there are guys considering letting their girl have a Black Bull youd better have a strong mind! It’s the most hardcore thing youll ever witness. This kind of sex seems to be gaining in popularity. My wife has many Black Bull fuck friends but never has found one bigger than this guy. She only fucks him in our house and when Im watching, which averages between 4-8 times a month. This was just the beginning of it all. There are soooo many ultra-hardcore stories involving him and others.

My wife says put this out there and if people like it you can write about the rest of them. She also said we should take suggestions on what she should do with him and most likely she will! :-O So what do you think????




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