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Asian Pussy Lover

It's becoming a bit of a habit for me to leave my house when my wife is out, print of a picture of some naked Asian woman, walk to my local forest, strip down butt naked and just masturbate. The thrill of being outside where people can see me and the natural air on my naked body makes them the best sessions i have..


My boyfriend and I were watching a movie in the cinema earlier, and everytime I caught a whiff of the black guy sitting next to us natural scent, I'd get so horny and feel my pussy throb. My boyfriend hasnt noticed.

Tired Wife

I work from home so I dont catch a shower everyday, like most people the other day I ran out for errands without showing. When I got to my first appointment the latin guy I met with kept getting close to me, twenty-five mins into the meeting he cut everything short and asked me if he could smell my smelly pussy. I told him to lock the office door and I let him lick my wet lips for the an hr.

Fucking Married Men!

I fuck a lot of married guys from craigslist, 90% of my customers are married and looking for something steady on the side. It has changed my view of marriage in this country, the weird thing about it Im starting to favor fucking them over single guys! Its intense and raw which makes me wetter, I guess Im just as bad for telling you guys about it. Im a whore with a conscience I guess. Life goes on.

Dirty Teacher

I work as a tutor for failing freshman college students. Im working with this cute exchange student from brazil she can barely speak english, but she tries. Her legs are always unshaven and bleached blonde I guess its a tradition on her side of the world. She also doesnt have much money, so financial aid pays for her tutoring lessons. I give her $200 a week to let me drink her piss from her tight young pussy. She never complains.

Pissing In A Man's Mouth.

If a guy won't let me piss inside of his mouth while is going down on me, I will never fuck him! Im a kinky bitch and I hate conservative men! I like them nasty, kink and ready to do all the nasty things that get me off. The current guy Im seeing comes over and drinks my piss while Im taking a shower, he doesnt give a fuck. I love him for it. Im his nasty bitch and his big black dick makes me feel like a trapped whore in a nasty dark world....

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