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(user submitted) "I have been with my boyfriend for three years, we are scheduled to get married early September. Honestly, I really dont know where to begin, first of all I do love and care for my boyfriend! Im not one of these girls who gets drunk at a bar and goes home with every guy who hits on me! My boyfriend and I have been saving our money for the last two years so we can have the best wedding day ceremony! Well a few weeks ago, I got a call from one of my past boyfriends, he was black. We dated off and on, but nothing really came of it. He doesnt live in my city anymore, he told me he was going to be in town for a few days and wanted to have lunch with me and catch up on old times. I agreed, I havent seen him in years, Im scheduled to get married in less than 8 weeks so I didnt think anything by having a **harmless lunch!

The day finally arrived, Eric sent me a message on facebook, telling me where we could meet for lunch. It was a cool little diner about 20 minutes from my house, I took the reminder of the day off, so I can enjoy the sun after lunch. Well to make a long story short, I met Eric for lunch, he was looking dam good, rock hard abs, nice skin tight shirt, well groomed as usual! I was like dam, I didnt expect him to look so good, he must have lost 30 pounds since I last saw him. Never the less we drank, two bottles of red wine and a few beers. I was buzzing, and I could feel Eric looking to get some pussy, as I emptied my last drink. I tried to cut him off and tell him I needed to get home to avoid any conversation of after drink hook ups!

But, Eric kept insisting we have one more drink at his hotel bar, downstairs in the lobby. I knew it wasnt right, but I agreed to have one last drink and then TOLD him I needed to get home to walk my dog! (which was not a lie)! Well we get to his nice hotel, he orders me a shot of Vodka and a glass of red wine. My head is spinning, then he hits me with it!

"Do you miss the way I use to fuck you"? I was shocked, he just said it out loud at the bar, I know the bartender heard him!!! I was still wet in my panties from him looking good in that tight fitted shirt! I responded in a quiet voice "yeah I remember"! Then he kept going further with the loud talking, "I bet that white boy doesnt slam that pussy like I use too, you know black dicks feel the best in white pussy, right"!

"I was some what offended that he would just say it out loud in a crowded bar like that, but I was buzzed and horny"! So like a stupid ass, I agreed to go up stairs with him in his **nice ass hotel suite"! I bet he had it all planned out, well it worked because twenty minutes later I was on the balcony with him and he stuck his big black hands down my panties from behind"! He kept feeding me glasses of red wine as he massaged my pussy lips, I felt so guilty because my future husband was home alone, while I was living this single girl lie"!

Eric, then asked me" Are you going to let me sample that pussy again or what"? I couldnt say no, he bought me a nice dinner and alot of drinks, plus I did miss his big black cock inside of me"! I told me make it quick, because I had to get home!

Eric, then unzipped my panties, pulled them down and bent me over the balcony rail, I could feel his warm hard dick rubbing againt my leg! He just forced it inside my pussy, which was soak and wet! I felt alive, when he was inside of me! Dam, I miss the good old days when I use to fuck alot of black guys! Eric, spread my cheeks and started pounding my pussy real hard, I couldnt hold it back, I let out a loud scream"OOOOOOO shit, your dick feel so hard! I started cumming instantly, I could feel him breathing on my neck as he pulled my hair and moaned, "take every inch of this black dick bitch, you know you like this shit"! I felt so helpless!! My pussy was eating up his big black dick, and I couldnt stop feeling guilty about cheating on the man, who wants to marry me for the rest of my life!

Eric, grabs my arm, and drags me into the bedroom. He pushes me on the bed and reinserts his big ass dick inside of me! I told him, please whatever u do, you CANNOT cum inside of me"!

He started slamming away, I grabbed the pillows and braced myself, I could feel his dick inside of my chest! I was real dark, with a round, fat dick head! It looked like a mushroom! He ripped into my hungry pussy lips and I started cumming again! OMG, I was so drunk, he slapped my ass hard! I felt a warm feeling inside of my chest! I was falling back in love with fucking black men! Why did I ever stop??

My pussy hasnt been fucked like this in YEARS!! My future husband would NEVER agree to an open marriage, he's a white conservative banker who thinks, watching *deal or no deal" on saturday nights is a highlight! Eric's long black dick started to get harder and harder, I could feel a huge load of sperm coming from his balls, he was about to cum inside of me which would be a MAJOR problem! My family would be speechless, my future husband would have a heart attack, I started to kick my leg towards Eric's leg and scream, "PLEASE do not cum inside of me, for heaven sake, please dont do this to me!! Cum on my face, pussy, tits I dont care, but please, please not inside of.......

"I felt him moving faster and faster until, Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I jumped and crawled towars the bed post!! To get him to pull out!! Ahhhhhhhh, bitch!!! I cant stop, I cant stop, your pussy needs me!! Is what Eric screamed! My mouth was wide open, I could feel a warm stream of juice roll outside of my hairy pussy lips! "Oh god, what have you done"! "ERIC how could you do this to ME"????!! I was so fucking mad, I could break down and cry!

"Eric just stood at the bottom of the bed, with sweat dripping off his dark black body, with is dick still semi erect!! "Whats the problem baby, you really think you are going to be faithful to that white boy"?? "This is god telling you, to dumb that bastard, you are just going to cheat on him"! "Your pussy loved every minute and wants more, truth be told, so get your white ass over here and give me some more of that pussy"!

"I was disgusted, this guy was always an arrogant asshole, but this took the cake"! I grabbed my clothes and left!

(three days later)

"I couldnt get the pounding out of my mind, Eric took control of me and never stopped"! Since then my boyfriend and I have only had sex one time and he came in 5 minutes. Is this what I have to look forward too, for the rest of my life"? A white guy? OMG, just the sound of Eric voice telling me, how much I need black dick was true"! "Im about to get married and now Im having cold feet'!

"How do I tell my boyfriend, I can't live like this for the rest of my life"?

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(User Submitted)

I've been dating someone for 40 months now (3 years and some months). He's perfect. When I say perfect, I mean..PERFECT...I guess minus the fact that he is not a millionaire who could afford an Hermes handbag for me on the spot, but other than that, he is perfect. He cooks, he cleans, he puts up with my bad temper, he buys me what I want, and my parents love him.

He is so good to my family and respectful of me. During our 2 and a half year mark, I asked to go on a break before we continue on our serious relationship route. He agreed and although we got back together, I never feel like I have achieve the fulfillment and satisfaction of letting loose and playing the field like I had hoped. I think my only flaw is that I'm short. I'm skinny and I am pretty attractive (so i have been told by a lot of people in my life on a regular basis). I can't help but to find myself flirting with black guys even now that him and I are back together.

During our break, I had a thing with this cute black guy in my past. We always had unfinished business and I have fantasized about having sex with him while I'm having sex with my boyfriend. I also fantasize about this other guy I have unfinished business with as well. My boyfriend is perfect for a husband but I feel like I need someone fun and adventurous to be with right now. I love him but he has said to me once that he would get back with me even if I were to cheat on him. What I'm scared of is cheating on him because his ex fiance has cheated on him in the past before as well. It really sucks because he is so perfect, I don't want to hurt him but I wonder if I'm hurting myself in the meantime while I'm trying to keep him happy.

I would really like to find a hot black guy with no std's that would just totally love to pin me down and have sex with me for one night and call it that.

I also feel bad because I feel like I can do better than my current boyfriend sometimes. I've been told that I could but I feel bad. life sucks doesn't it?



"My Husband Thinks I'm Selling Homes On My 2nd Job. ......(I'm Selling Pussy)"! (user submitted)

Often times when you are married its so hard to communicate the simple things without starting a argument. The economy has affected everyone including myself, in which I have a PHD in Psychology. We had to sell our second home, downsize our mini van to a smaller compact car. I didn't go to school for over 10 years to live like this. I was forced to take a second job to keep us going.

My husband thinks Im selling homes as a second job. I'm selling pussy. My pussy that is, a 36 year old blonde pussy, with a landing strip in between my lips. The sex has its moments, I have met some great guys. My husband would never understand this world, he would flip if he knew I had a threesome with two black football players at a super 8 motel, with a broken door handle. My kids would be heart broken if they knew mommy took it in her butt hole by a French business man with a thick dick head. My life is a reality show right now, how did I get to this point.

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"I stopped fucking my useless husband two years ago, the only thing he is good for me "cleaning" me up after my black boyfriend fills me up with *real man black sperm"! I told me lover to take his time and cum deep inside of me, my husband needs to work overtime tonight"!

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"I love to play with my wet pussy, even if people are watching. I stopped wearing panties so long ago because they would be soaked by the time I got to my job. My pussy is always ready for a huge black cock"!

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"I have been married twice, my current husband will NEVER fuck me like a black guy"! He never made me cum! He never made me feel like a real woman, the only thing we have in common is our kid together! I only fuck black guys now! Period. My cuckold husband tries to listen in the other room..

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I tried to get this math teacher to fuck me, his name was Mr. Riley ! I was ready! I wanted to lick the pubic hair on his balls and taste his sperm! He was more nervous than me! He was afraid I might tell! I remember dropping by his office unexpectedly he had on grey dress pants and a white shirt I
could see his dickhead throbbing! I asked him did he like my new shoes when I was sitting in his chair! He looked down and said yes I opened my legs a little so he could see my yellow panties thru the crack of my skirt! My panties were too
small so my pussy lips would slip out from time to time!
 I was wet and in a freaky mood so I asked Mr. Riley if I could be his
teachers aid! Mr. riley was a tall back guy with a big dick! All the
white girls would talk about his dick print in his pants! I wanted to
suck it! I kept trying to fuck him but he would tell me I was too young or he
might lose his career! But I told him I would never tell I even let
him feel my warm wet pussy when we were in the office! Then it finally
happened may 11th the day the seniors went on prom! The school was
half empty in the day I went to Mr.
Riley's office and he pulled his 11inch black snake dick out and let me suck it! He tasted so sweet I could barely get it in my mouth!--Continue Inside...

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User submitted confession: I am a mom of three but I cannot get enough of black men. It doesn't matter whether they are old, young, thin or fat, bald, afro, dreadlocks, whatever, if they have a hard black dick I want them. I crave being used and filled and know what I am doing is not right, but I have to do it. My boyfriend saw he could not keep up with me and had a couple of his black friends join us. I fucked them all for hours. We kept adding men and then other races and I just cannot get enough. I love the way black dicks look but more how they feel in me as they use me and fill me with cum. We have had up to 32 men use me in one day. I am having so much fun can this be wrong?

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On my last Florida vacation, I had a chance encounter with a black man. Since then I felt a craving for the excitement that stirred in my belly when I talked with any handsome strong black male. I was particularly attracted to Ken, a black man in his mid 30's, close to my age. Ken worked in the men's clothing department at a store I often frequented.

I became acquainted with Ken while shopping for small articles for my husband. At first, I just mildly flirted with him, and left when I began to feel aroused. Although it rarely happens, if I become aroused beyond a certain point, I almost go into a trance and develop an intense craving to be fucked.

Then came the time when I wanted to go further. But first I made sure my husband would be home. Then, I would quickly drive home and have him satisfy my lust for sex should it be necessary. I waited until Ken was alone in his department and I started a casual conversation. His attentiveness started a twinge in my belly that moved slowly to my groin as I looked into his eyes.

Then I boldly asked, "Have you ever been with a married white female?"

"In a manner of speaking, yes I have," he cryptically replied. Responding to my puzzled look, he finally continued. "Some married white females, once they have been with a black man, develop a need for more than one black cock at a time. A friend of mine invited me over to help satisfy his married white bitch."

I began to shudder. I knew I was becoming aroused beyond the point I could endure. I wanted to hurry home to my husband, but I was mesmerized by his bold statement and commanding stare.

Struggling to maintain eye contact I blurted out in a quivering voice, "Then you have never had your own white bitch?"

"No, not yet," he replied, a slight grin forming on his mouth.

I was now burning with a fever. I was confused and hot with desire. I quickly stated, "You work until closing on Thursdays don't you?"

"Yes," he nodded.

"I simply must run now, I have an appointment, but I will see you next Thursday," I said as I turned and quickly walked away, not waiting for a reply.

I frantically drove home where I found my husband checking stock quotes on the computer.

"Upstairs, NOW!" I demanded.

My husband understood immediately and followed me upstairs. I quickly undressed and lay on the bed, legs spread and desperately moaning.

"Hurry, please hurry."

I began to climax as soon as he entered me. I did not try to respond to his plunge; I drifted into a blissful, continuing orgasm as he thrust and spurted his cum in me.

The next Thursday I dressed in a pair of fish net panty hose. Without underwear beneath them, I was almost totally exposed. I put on a tight skirt, heels and a button up blouse. My breasts are relatively small and firm, so I went without a bra. I unbuttoned my blouse sufficiently such that I could see my nipples in the mirror when I bent down. My husband would be busy all evening with his weekly poker game. I headed for the Mall!

About 15 minutes before closing I drifted over to Ken's department. He was alone and greeted me with, "You sure look sexy, got a date tonight?"

I smiled, as I replied, "Not yet."

"You don't think this is too slutty do you?" I asked as I pulled the side of the skirt up, exposing the skin of my hip through the netting.

Ken quickly looked around the store, checking to see if anyone could see us. Satisfied, he reached over and took hold of my skirt. He spoke as he slowly moved the skirt up exposing my ass cheeks.

"A friend of mine is out of town and has left me with a key to his apartment. Would you like to stop over for a drink after I close?"

"Just the two of us?" I pouted.

He immediately responded.

"So you want to party do you? I wouldn't normally want to break a white bitch in this way, but I will make the arrangements."

He handed me a slip of paper with an address written on it. "See you there about 10:30."

When I arrived, Ken and two other black men were waiting for me. One was an older, confidant man in his early forties; the other a somewhat nervous younger male in his late twenties.

As Ken poured me a glass of wine, the older man calmly said, "Ken says you have on some very sexy panty hose that you want to show off."

"That would be fun," I said as I slipped off my heels. "Would you undo my blouse first?" I asked as I stepped close to the younger man.

As soon as he started to unbutton me, I reached down and unzipped him. He did not have on a belt or underwear so when I unbuttoned his pants his cock sprung out. While I slipped his pants down over his hips, the older black man expertly undid the side buttons of my skirt and slipped the skirt down to the floor.

I stepped out of my skirt as I got down on my knees and put the young hard cock in my mouth. My mouth was full of saliva that I used to coat his large cock as I began a slow deep stroking of his cock with my mouth and throat. Occasionally I would lick the bottom of his mushroom head and then suck the head before moving it to the back of my mouth. With one hand I held his black stem; with the other I massaged his full balls. In almost no time I was moaning from the pleasure of his warm gummy cum flooding my mouth. I swallowed his cum and sucked until I had all of his juice.

When I stood up, Ken handed me a glass of wine and introduced me to the older man.

"This is Al; he has four other young blacks coming over shortly for you to suck, and then I will fuck you."

Al smiled and said, "Nice to meet you. I do love your panty hose, and what lies beneath."

When the four men arrived I sucked them one at a time. I was surprised how soon each ejaculated after I took their long black cocks into my wet mouth. I would no sooner be moaning from the pleasure of feeling their manhood in my mouth than they would begin spurting their cum in me. I found out later that Al had instructed them to stroke themselves and be ready since he did not want my tongue to get sore.

By the second cock, I was in a fevered trance. My cunt was hot, wet and needing a cock. I hardly noticed when the men pulled my hair forcing their cocks deep in my throat while they spurted their sperm. At times I could not swallow their cum quickly enough and some juice would spill out of my mouth and down their stem. When this happened, Al, who had positioned himself behind me, would reach around and pinch my bare nipples.

Al would softly speak into my ear, "Lick up what you spilt you little white slut, lick and swallow every drop."

When I finished draining the last of the young males, Ken and Al lead me to the bed and removed my panty hose. Ken was naked and positioned himself between my spread legs. Al was dressed and on his knees behind my head. Ken placed his cock on the lips of my cunt, barely into the opening. Al massaged my breasts and nipples. Only Al spoke.

"If you are going to be a black man's bitch, you need to learn how to beg for his cock."

I moaned and begged for black cock in me; but the begging for cock was only verbal, I did not beg with my body. Instead of humping my groin up seeking cock, I pushed my breasts up, craving Al's caresses and nipple squeezing. When Al responded to my urges, I began to climax.

"Fuck her Ken!" Al shouted, "The bitch is cumming."

As Ken pushed deep into me with his first stroke, I exploded into an uncontrollable orgasm. I lay there gurgling in an almost unconscious state as Ken fucked me hard and deep.

With each stroke I could hear Al saying, "Fuck the bitch hard Ken, show this white slut how she needs black cock."

Soon I could hear Ken's loud grunts as his face grimaced and he shot his seed deep in me.

When Ken had finished both men got up. Ken dressed and spoke as he left, "Al will see that you get cleaned up before you leave, see you later."

As it turned out, this was Al's apartment. I stayed lying on the bed, small orgasmic aftershocks sending pulses of pleasure though my body. I made eye contact with Al, my eyes begging him to return to my breasts.

Al picked up a pair of nipple clamps he had lying on a table. He positioned himself as before and placed them loosely on my nipples. It was only slightly painful as the steel claws bit into my flesh. He then proceeded to slowly tighten the grip of the clamps, occasionally interrupting the slow buildup of pain to massage the breast and nipples around the clamps.

I moaned as I entered a state of painful ecstasy. When he had tightened the clamps to their limit he began to slowly pull on the chain that connected the clamps, giving it occasional quick jerks. I responded by spreading my legs apart and slowly humping my pussy.

"So my white, pain-loving slut finally wants my black cock," he coldly stated. He got up from behind me and placed a pillow under my head. He undressed and walked around, placing himself between my legs. He was holding a ruler next to his cock. I now understood why he had propped my head up with the pillow.

"Now you can tell your white girl friends that your black Bull has a full 12 inch cock," he said as he placed the ruler next to his manhood.

It was not only the length that amazed me, but the size of the mushroom head. It reminded me of a stallion I had once seen. He could now see the fear in my eyes as he took his hard cock in one hand, placed the other on my white belly and proceeded to enter me. Although I was still well lubricated from my juices and Ken's sperm, he still had difficulty getting beyond the opening of my slit.

"If you have to scream, I do have a gag we can use," he stated as he moved his hand from my belly and picked up the chain to the clamps.

He then began a rhythmic motion, pressing his cock deeper and then pulling on the clamps. At first I suppressed a scream by a series of rapid breathings. The breathing turned into a low moan as I moved into a state of complete surrender. The pain was intense, but I drifted with it, allowing the waves of pain to caress my soul. I do not know how deep he penetrated that first night before he exploded in me. I did not reach a climax but when he withdrew I felt a release more satisfying then an orgasm. My inner soul needed the pain he gave me.

As I showered and dressed, he spoke.

"I am your black Bull now, and you will suck and fuck only the men I allow. For now you will return here every Thursday night. You will always do as I instruct without any hesitation. Is that understood?"

"Yes," I replied. "And am I allowed sex with my husband?"

"For now, yes," he answered as I left.

I drove home. My mind could not comprehend what I had just done. The realization that Al had manipulated Ken to deliver me to him seeped into my conscious mind, but I could not dwell on the thought. The implication of Al now being my black Bull was like a stone barrier, that my thoughts could not penetrate. I stopped thinking and became only an island of awareness. As I neared my house, I became giddy and laughed, thinking; 'Now Thursday night will be poker night for both my husband and me.'

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Fucking The White Man's Pretty Wife (True IR Story)

Fucking other men's wives, especially white women, is my passion. I've found it to be relatively easy to find neglected ladies and break them in to black loving. It started several years ago with a cute, young blonde who lived down the hall in my apartment complex. We took a walk around the lake one evening and I ended up taking her from behind as she grabbed a tree for support.

I've had several more since but what happened last Saturday was unique. Usually my fuck sessions are without hubbie's consent or knowledge. Seducing women is what makes me feel alive. This time, a husband asked me to do his wife. He worked in my office as a temp for a few months and he had heard of my penchant for white women. A few weeks after he left, he called and asked if I would meet him and his wife at a bar downtown. He said he wanted me to meet her.

When I arrived, I saw a very nice looking, demure woman about 30 years old. She seemed nervous and didn't talk much. Most of the time, she just looked at the tabletop. Occasionally, when she thought I wasn't looking, she would sneak a quick peek at me.

He explained that their sex life had been boring until they had fantasized about a threesome. Until a few days earlier, they had left it as just a bedtime arouser. She agreed that the idea was erotic but I wasn't getting the feeling that she wanted to take it to the next level as much as he did. He explained that this was just a get acquainted meeting to see if the chemistry was there. For me the heat was there, she had a hot little body and those high, round tits that always make my mouth water.

As the evening ended, I walked them to their car. She seemed a million miles away until I opened her door. Uttering a little cry, she grabbed me and gave me a hot-as-hell openmouthed kiss, grinding her cunt on my thigh. I responded my grabbing her ass and marveling at how soft and squeezable it was. I could feel her heart, pounding like a trip hammer on my chest.

As suddenly as it began, it ended. She jumped back and got in the car, closing the door after her. Hubbie, who had been watching with a nervous but hopeful smile, just shrugged and got into the car. They drove off and I thought that was the end of that game.

He called the next weekend and said they had talked about our encounter that night and several more nights. Each time, he said, the sex was as great as it ever had been. Would I be interested in "seeing more of Kendra" he asked, emphasizing the phrase to make sure I got the full meaning. We agreed to meet for dinner. At his suggestion, I took a cab so we could all ride back to their place in one car.

She was very nervous at dinner, but dressed to kill. She was wearing the classic little black dress and it was obvious from the cut of the dress and the little bullets where her nipples were that a bra wasn't part of the uniform. The dinner table conversation skirted the reason I was there. Whenever I started to go that way, she would blush furiously and change the subject.

When we left, hubbie put us in the back seat of the car and started to drive us to their house. I began some innocent foreplay. Nibbling on he neck, stroking her knees, biting her ears, Soon she was kissing me just like that first night. Twice my hand wandered up the inside of her thigh almost to her pussy and twice she clamped her legs shut, whispering, "Not here, not in the car."

I caressed her tit and she covered my hand with hers, mostly to hide the activity from her husband, who was watching us in the mirror. She stopped me from lowering her dress to go "skin-to-skin," though.

When we got to their house, He poured a glass of wine and I began kissing her again. This time I ran my hands down to cup her ass cheeks and discovered only a tiny little thong panty stood between me and her sweet, white pussy. Suddenly, she pulled back and grabbed her wine glass. Downing it in one gulp, she went into the living room and sat in a chair. I took the couch, unsure of what was going to happen. At this point, I was horny as hell and needed relief.

Kendra whispered she had never been with any man other than her husband and the thought of doing something like we were planning, especially with him watching, was more than she could handle. All three of us talked about it for a few minutes before she excused herself. It was just a bathroom trip, she said. "I'll be right back."

She did some back and took her chair. As we talked, she stretched and spread her legs just slightly, aiming the view at me in such a way that her husband couldn't see what was going on. I looked down and noticed that she had taken off her panties, exposing herself completely to me.

I turned to her husband and told him he needed to go buy some beer. He understood immediately and left the room. I waited until I heard his car pull out of the driveway, then told her to come over to me.

As she stood in front of me, I ran my hands up the back of her legs until I had her butt covered. She was trembling with fear and excitement at what was about to happen and she slowly dropped to her knees. Kissing her again, I lifted the front of her dress until I had exposed her pussy.

I ran my fingers through her cunt hairs and down to her clit. She fell backwards, pushing me away. Her dress was all the way up around her waist now and I looked down at her pussy. It was wet and fully open.

The moment was broken when she cried out, "I can't, I can't." She cried as ran from the room.

Angry at this prick teasing bitch, I left the house and walked until I could hail a cab.

Hubbie called Saturday evening and asked me to come back over. I told him I wasn't into any more game playing. He put her on the phone and all she said in a tiny little voice was, "I want you to come over and fuck me."

Hot damn! That was the hottest proposal I had heard in a long time.

I drove over, thinking I must be a complete fool but I had to take one more shot at that pussy. When I got there, he showed me into the bedroom.

She was lying on the bed, her face turned away from us. She was wearing the smallest possible black bra and panties. The contrast with her alabaster white skin was startling. Then I noticed her wrists were handcuffed to the headboard and her feet were tied to the foot of the bed with scarves.

"Man, I don't do this kind of thing," I said and started to leave.

"Please stay." It was that tiny little voice again. She was pleading with me.

He explained. She wants you to fuck her. She just can't relax enough to let it happen. She asked me to tie her up, that way she can fantasize that she has no choice but to let it happen. I agreed but with two rules.

Looking at Kendra, I said slowly, "Any time you want it to stop, all you have to do is say the word. And I won't fuck you until you put it in. Can you handle that?"

I looked at her again. Damn! She had a hell of a body. "Kendra, do you want this?" I asked.

Blushing furiously, she nodded her agreement.

I stripped, then sat at the side of the bed. Hubbie sat in a chair. I began stroking her belly, using wider and wider strokes until I was touching the underside of her breasts. I undid the front clasp and for the first time, saw her perfectly round tits. She took a deep, ragged breath as she realized that the first bridge to her eventual slutdom had been crossed. I used my fingertips to tease her nipples into hard little bullets. Little yips and moans came from her mouth. Her heart was beating so hard, I could see it pumping beneath her breast.

I leaned over and captured a nipple with my lips, gradually sucking most of her small, perfectly shaped tit into my mouth. She was pushing her chest up, enjoying the heat and the sensation. I could hear her husband saying "Oh, Jesus, Oh Jesus," over and over to himself. I was wondering if he could watch the defilement of his wife much longer without stopping us. I wondered what I would do if he did. I wasn't sure about her but I knew was to far gone to stop.

I moved to her other nipple and was pleased that she turned her torso toward me to hurry the sensation.

This time, I slid my hand down her belly and pushed it abruptly under her panties, claiming one of the wettest pussies I've ever felt. She almost came at the touch, I pulled back, teasing her again and again, wanting her to feel the frustration I had felt earlier.

I moved between her legs and slid the thin band of her panties aside so I could see the pussy I was going to claim. I rolled forward and covered her entire slit with my mouth. She cried out, grabbing the headboard with her hands and arching herself up, trying to take my entire face in her sex-crazed cunt.

Hubbie was getting louder. "Shit! Oh, fuckin' shit! I can't believe it!" was all he could say. I looked over at him to see what he might do. His hands were holding onto the arms of the chair so tightly that all the blood had left his fingertips. He wanted so badly to stop this, even more than that, he wanted to see it happen.

I looked back at her. She no longer realized he was still in the room. She had gone off to some sexual nirvana, a bitch in total heat that needed fucking right now.

I asked. "Shall I continue? Do you want my black cock in your lily white pussy? You've got to ask."

Her hips were lifting off the bed, her breath was coming in short little bursts. I could see her cunt, spasming around nothing, needing a cock desperately.

I heard the same little girl voice coming from her. "Fuck me. Fuck me, please."

I reached back and untied the scarves, freeing her legs. She immediately brought them up high and wide giving it up in the classic missionary position. I moved her ass just a bit so hubbie could see what was happening. I started high. moving my cock down across her clit to find that warm, moist hole underneath.

Slowly, ever so slowly so they could both experience the completeness of the act, I pushed down, penetrating her with just the head of my cock. I stopped.

Her eyes had been tightly shut. She opened them in surprise and frustration. I leered at her. "Do it!" I commanded.

She thrust upward, taking all of my cock in one fast movement. I heard hubby cry out again, knowing the deed had been done and it had been done by Kendra. For the next few minutes, the only sounds in the room was the slurping noise of my cock driving in and out of her hungry pussy and her screams as first one orgasm then another shook her body.

When I came, I pushed hard into her and drained myself of weeks of frustration. I pulled out and watched as my cum started leaking from her cunt. She collapsed, thoroughly exhausted. I sat up and looked at hubby. He was as emotionally spent as she was. A wet spot on the front of his jeans told another tale. He, too had cum.

Using my fingers, I gave her another orgasm. enjoying the sight of her little body arching shamelessly as I inserted first one then two and finally four fingers into her. I got dressed and let myself out. the end.

She looked amazing. I know a groom isn't supposed to see his bride on their wedding day, before she walks down the aisle, but Melissa was such a gorgeous woman that I couldn't resist sneaking a peak. She was way out of my league, and I still don't know how I managed to snag a woman like her. My more cynical friends said it was just a matter of economics. I had money and she didn't, so it was a natural match.

Melissa was only 22 when we got married. A soccer player at our college, her body was long and lean, but voluptuous enough to let you know that she was a woman. Shiny blonde hair fell onto her alabaster white shoulders, narrow but strong. Her lean arms, bristling with the tiniest of blonde hairlets, were toned but not muscular. And her abs were to die for. She must have done at least 300 sit-ups a day to keep her tummy flat, bless her, and probably another 300 deep knee bends to keep her long legs tight and fit as well. She was a standard issue California beach babe, and somehow I had managed to get her into my bed, then get a diamond onto her finger. And today was our wedding day.

We were getting married in the big cathedral downtown, and had rented several rooms in the large hotel across the street. This would make things easier for everyone, as the wedding party could get dressed right across the road from the church, and with the reception being held in the hotel ballroom, there wasn't any need for a big convoy of drunk drivers trying to get back to the hotel. One of the rooms was a day room for the bride and brides maids to get dressed in, have their hair retouched and all that crap that was supposed to make them look like Barbie dolls on the big day. Since I had paid for all the rooms, I had keys to all of them, including the day room.

Wanting to see my beautiful bride before the wedding itself, I had snuck into her hotel room, hoping to catch her by surprise. But alas, the room was empty when I showed up, she must have been out having coffee with her bridesmaids. But her clothes were already there, laid out in the room, ready for the girls to pull them on just before the ceremony.

The dress was beautiful, I suppose, as far as wedding dresses go, long flowing white thing with about a 10 foot train. It was probably the dress that she'd been dreaming about since she was five years old or so. I couldn't have cared less, myself, but I did like the way it made her look like a virgin, untried and unridden. Of course, not much could have been further from the truth, since my Melissa had paid her way through school by working as a stripper at the various clubs around town, and in the neighbouring towns as well. She was no slut, but she certainly wasn't daddy's little girl either.

Her accoutrements were laid out on the bed as well, the garter that would get to wrap itself around her tight, creamy white thigh, soaking up her sweat and her scent before she seductively bent over and slid it down the length of her long sexy leg, tossing it over her shoulder to some lucky single guy who would have a piece of my wife's lingerie as a souvenir. The exotic white panties which would hug her moist crevices during the ceremony, riding up into the crease of her tight blonde-trimmed pussy and into the dark folds of skin where the cheeks of her taut ass came together. Now those would make a great souvenir!

There was her chantilly bra, delicate but strong, which would push her fleshy breasts up and together, creating that compelling bosom between her pasty white tits. I got hard just thinking about how these snow white pieces of cloth and lace would turn my sexy, athletic blonde ex-stripper fiancée into a lily white, innocent, unspoiled bride.

I heard the door handle click, and turned to see it being jiggled as someone put the key into the lock and tried to open it. The girls were back. I didn't want to get caught breaking the no see superstition, so I dodged into the small closet, sliding the door shut behind me. Through the slats in the door of the closet I could see my bride to be, her 19 year old sister Tanya, and the maid of honour, come into the room.

Melissa looked great already, wearing skin tight cream pants that showed off the long lines of her willowy legs and made her small ass look full and round. The tiny white tank top she wore clearly showed off the lines of her hard abs and pushed her small A cup tits upwards, giving them a healthy bounce as she walked in. Her shoulders and arms glistened in the late morning sunlight, as white as white can be.

"I can't believe you're tying the knot, Mel" said the maid of honour, an amazing tight bodied brunette girl named Sabrina who used to work at the same strip club where Melissa paid her way through college.

Unlike Melissa, though, Sabrina turned tricks to bring in extra cash, fucking the customers in the champagne room, and going home with the bikers who ran the club. Thank god Melissa had stuck to dancing only, choosing to stay faithful to me rather than making a few extra dollars by spreading those long white legs of hers wide apart for any guy with a couple hundred bucks and a hard on. Even when she worked the late night shift, and didn't get home until four or five in the morning, I was always confident that my cock was the only one sliding down her throat or penetrating her pussy. Or so I thought, anyways. As well, she had quit stripping a few months before graduating college, and had since started going to church regularly, I figure to try to atone for her sinful job.

"Ya, sis, I don't know how you're going to manage on only one cock for the rest of your life," said Tanya, just a year out of high school but already having a good six or seven years of sexual experience under her belt. She was definitely the slut of the family, bless her!

"Don't worry" said Melissa, a wry smile spreading across her pretty face, "I'll be well fucked, you know me!"

I was a little taken aback by her remark, but she must have been talking about the hard poundings that I regularly gave her greasy snatch.

Anyhow, Mel stripped out of her outfit, giving me a great view of my bride's amazing rock hard stripper/athlete frame, and started getting dressed, the girls commenting on how pretty and delicate all the white garments looked. They continued chirping away like, well, like girls at a wedding, as they helped Melissa get into her bridal costume.

She looked so amazing in the delicate, snow white negligee. Her skin was so pale and pure right now, like a newborn baby's, and the skimpy bridal undergarments, trimmed with lace, made her look so virginal and appealing. She had dressed like that on stage a couple of times, making the most of her hour glass figure to turn on her customers and con them into lap dances, but here in the hotel room, just before walking down the aisle, she just looked so innocent and vulnerable.

There was a knock on the door, I figure it's her mother coming to help out with the preparations. Sabrina went to open the it.

"Melissa, you have a visitor," she said, through pursed lips.

I watched as a tall black guy walked into the room, feasting his dark eyes on my bride to be's vulnerable, panty clad body. I recognized him from the strip club where Mel used to work, I think his name is Jackson. He was a bouncer at the club, and one of the guys that the dancers would party with after hours. Stupidly, I guessed that he was there to see Tanya, as I knew that my faithful fiancée didn't have much interaction with the strip club staff, and certainly not with black guys.

The three girls exchanged glances, and I was surprised to hear Sabrina say that her and Tanya had to go look into the flower arrangements, and left the room, leaving Melissa and Jackson alone together, with me still hiding in the closet, wondering what the fuck was going on.

"So you're really going through with it," said Jackson, his eyes still roaming freely over my Melissa's exposed skin. She wasn't trying to cover herself up though. "I can't believe I'm not going to get to fuck you ever again, little girl."

What the hell did he mean by that? He'd never fucked my bride. There's no way, they never had an opportunity, since Melissa didn't start stripping until after her and I had met, and she had never cheated on me since. Or so she said, anyways. What was he talking about. My stomach was in knots wondering what this was all about. Had my innocent, faithful girlfriend maybe not been so innocent after all? No way, I couldn't see Melissa, my pretty, slender, blonde fiancée, ever spreading her soft inviting legs wide apart for some huge black man. But maybe she had done that, maybe she had been lying to me the whole time, and wasn't just a stripper, but was a slut, a whore, as well. Maybe Melissa had been there with Sabrina the whole time, a sex toy for the bikers and club owners, fucking all kinds of sleazy lowlifes, drug dealers, mobsters, and pimps. My doubts were even stronger when Mel replied to him:

"Who says you're never going to fuck me again? Hmmm? You should never say never, big boy" she said, a huge smile spreading across her face as her eyes so obviously dropped to look at Jackson's bulging crotch. The guy had a hard on from looking at my bride's sultry body, and she was apparently happy about that fact.

Then my world fell apart, and jets of anxiety-induced acid shot into my stomach, because the tall black man stepped forward and took my half naked bride to be into his arms. They kissed, hard and long, their arms fiercely groping each others' backs and shoulders as their faces meshed together.

I was amazed at the contrast between the two people making out in front of me. Jackson, tall, muscular, dark as night, overwhelmed my tiny Melissa, dainty and white, blonde hair falling back across her narrow shoulders, her pasty flesh casting a faint glow against the dark skin of the man who held her in his arms. I was in shock.

Jackson reached down and put his large hands on my bride's lacy panties, grasping a big handful of her firm ass, and lifting her against his bulging groin. Melissa wrapped her long, slender white legs around his large waist, squeezing his torso tightly and desperately dry humping her sweet, fragrant snatch against his pelvis. My cock was raging hard as I witnessed this betrayal of our love.

Jackson wasted no time, and turned towards the bed, laying my innocent, white bride down beneath him on the mattress, crushing her small frame beneath his large, muscular body. Their mouths stayed glued together as he reached down and violently pulled her white panties down the length of her legs, Melissa raising her ass off the bed to help him slide them off. She reached around with one arm to unsnap her bra, and tossed it towards the closet where I hid. The bra slapped against the door to the closet, right in front of my face, and dropped to the floor at my feet. My bride was now completely naked underneath this tall black stranger, except for the lacy white garter that stayed wrapped around her creamy thigh.

Jackson raised himself up, still straddling Melissa, stripped off his jacket and tie, and took off his shirt, revealing a ripped, hard, bodybuilder's body, black as night. He undid his pants and slid down his boxer shorts, lowering them just enough to free his massive cock, long, thick, black, and fully engorged at the thought of burying itself between my bride's white, wielding thighs.

What an image it was that confronted me, my fiancée naked on her back, her wedding dress hanging on a rack beside the bed, her lingerie flung on the floor as this large black man towered above her, about to plunder my bride before my very eyes, stealing her sex from me, violating the sanctity of our wedding night before I had the chance to claim her as my own.

Her pussy must have been wet and ready, because Jackson had no problem stuffing it with his meat. His thick, cuckolding shaft slid effortlessly into my bride's sweet, moist pussy, and soon their pubic hairs meshed together as the base of his cock was engulfed by her warm slot. It was as though her pretty cunt was used to his cock, as though cocks that big had been inside her so many times before that she had no trouble accommodating them in her depths.

Jackson lowered his mouth to Melissa's as he slowly started to fuck my woman. Hesitant moans escaped her lips as her hard thighs squeezed against his rib cage. She worked it hard, spreading her legs as wide as she could to accommodate his wide frame. Her tiny hands clawed into his large black ass, pulling it deeper into her. The bed springs started to creak and moan as well, as they found the rhythm that brought maximum pleasure to the both of them, my supposedly innocent woman frantically pumping her hips in time with his animal thrusts. When she could catch her breath, she begged him to fuck her harder, to take her, to own her, to fill her with his juices, to claim her as his own.

"My pussy is yours baby, my body is yours. You fill me. You drive me over the edge. Oh god. Pound me baby. Pound my slutty cunt like you always have, make me a woman. Oh god Jackson, I need your cum inside me, I need your baby inside me, please put it in me. Fill me with your strong black seed and make my slutty white belly stretch as your huge black baby grows inside me. Oh fuck I want you. I want you to fuck me forever and I want to have your black baby."

Their hard stomachs, slick with the sweat of their exertions, made slippery sucking noises as the slid across each other. Her thighs flattened against his hard torso, her small tits were crushed and mashed beneath his weight. Melissa threw back her head and wailed in ecstasy, her body trembling then going limp as it was rocked by an overwhelming orgasm. The room was filled with the sounds of her moaning and crying as he pleasured himself with my wife, the bed was shaking and almost bouncing off the floor, and her head was slammed against the headboard with frightful thuds as he viciously reamed her small body.

Before long, Jackson's back arched deeply and he pressed his pelvis hard against Melissa's, holding her in place beneath him. My eyes were riveted on the spot where the base of his jet black stomach merged with my bride's pasty white tummy, his long shaft buried in the skin beneath it, penetrating halfway to her throat. I knew that Jackson was filling my bride to be with his potent semen, just before she was about to walk down the aisle and pledge her everlasting love for me. Melissa's pussy squeezed his spurting cock for all it was worth, milking every last drop of sperm from his shaft, still spitting the seeds of betrayal into her steaming hot, churning depths. He held her in place beneath him, enjoying his orgasm for as long as he could. The two of them were drenched with sweat, Melissa's hair was a mess, the bed was a mess, and they were panting for breath.

"Thank you Jackson. Thank you for making me your white whore one more time. Thank you for fucking me," said my bride.

"You are so fucked up, baby. But thank fuck you love the dark meat, cause the dark meat sure looks good on you. And feels even better inside you, you know." He reached down and kissed her again, her hands grasping the back of his head and pulling his face harder into hers. Soon, Jackson stood up, and stared down at my just fucked fiancée, lying splayed on the bed, her lingerie crushed, his come dribbling out from between her thighs, staining the bedspread.

"Married or not, you can have me any time you want me, lover. My pussy is yours, same as it's always been yours. You paid for me, you still own me," my Melissa pledged to him.

Jackson replied to her "I own you all right, surfer chick. I own your pussy just like I own your sister's pussy. You gonna be my white ho, little girl, my tight snatched, blonde haired beach bunny ho."

She smiled an evil smile, sat up and took his massive cock in her hand as he pressed his crotch into her pretty face, wrapping her pretty lips around his still engorged dark rod, her tiny white hand squeezing its base as her face slid up and down along its black length. He grabbed her head and forced her off the bed, on to her knees, allowing him to slide its full length down her tiny throat.

Melissa gagged as he deep throated her, slapping his balls harder and harder against her chin, choking her, smothering her. Soon, tears welled up in her eyes as he brutally fucked her face, a sinister smirk appearing on his mouth as he used this stupid white woman squatting on the floor in front of him. He tensed up again and I cringed as he filled her belly with his come, dumping another massive load of sperm into her tiny body, depositing it directly into her esophagus, her face scrunched up in pain as she swallowed his warm seed.

Jackson pulled out of her, his glistening cock bobbing in front of her face as she fell to the floor, gasping for breath.

As he zipped up his pants and put his shirt back on, Jackson said to her "Ya, you mine, white bitch. Your pussy, your tits, your ass, your mouth. Don't ever forget, I'll come for your sex anytime I get the urge to slip my beast into some skinny pasty white cunt, you got that?"

Not giving her a chance to respond, he walked out the door.

Melissa sat there on the floor, used and bruised, catching her breath. She started to clean herself up, still crying from the brutal fucking and hardcore blowjob she had just endured. After a few minutes, Tanya and Sabrina returned, a little bit taken aback by the rough shape my Melissa was in.

"Don't worry" said Sabrina, hugging Melissa tenderly, "we'll cover everything up with makeup, no one will see the bruises or anything. It's just the price of business, honey."

"He fucks hard, doesn't he?" said little Tanya. "When he's through with me, I'm in pain for hours afterwards. But it's worth it for the privilege of being his bitch." What a fucked up group of women I was involved with.

The three women then went into the bathroom together, to start cleaning up my bride, for the ceremony. I took the opportunity to sneak out the room, my hard cock chafing against my pants as I quietly crept into the hallway.

An hour later, I'm standing in front of the altar, watching my beautiful Melissa walk down the aisle towards me, radiant in her long white bridal gown, her long silky blonde hair flowing majestically over her shoulders. She seemed to be walking a little funny though, kind of hesitatingly and crooked. My best man whispered that her shoes must be too tight for her, but I knew better.

My eyes fell on Jackson, sitting in the middle of the church on the bride's side, an evil smile on his face. It tore me apart inside, knowing that his sperm was swimming in my bride's womb as she walked towards me, and was probably dripping out the edges of her pussy, drying into a crust on her creamy white thighs. She was to be my wife, but she was somebody else's sex bitch. the end.

  The club was already surprisingly busy as we walked through the bar towards the changing rooms at the rear of the club. Jayne held my hand tightly as looked at the people milling around, hoping we may see a familiar face. We were a little apprehensive tonight, not that it was our first visit to the club, far from it, but it was our first time there on a Sunday evening when single guys were permitted. We had been going to this club in Birmingham for around 18 months now but until this evening had been on couples only nights so the number of single men in the bar was an unusual sight for us.

We undressed in the changing room and put on the white fluffy towels provided and Jayne tightened her grip on my wrist as we returned to the bar and got some drinks. Jayne is 42 and a petite attractive redhead and I noticed a few guys looking at her as we stood at the bar. Quickly Jayne and I got through a couple of drinks and were feeling pretty relaxed now. We moved away from the bar with our drinks and into a corner and I leant down and gave her a long passionate kiss, unable to resist her lips.

“Is that what you wanted?”

“Mm! That was nice thank you. I think the lady on reception was about right when she said there was probably one single guy to every couple here tonight.”

“You are a dirty girl Jayne so probably about right for you,” I said smiling and sliding my hand slowly up the side of her leg and under her towel. Her face flushed a little as I moved my hand onto her soft ginger pubes. Very slowly I moved my middle finger into the damp crevice between her legs, “Feeling horny tonight darling?”

She nodded slowly with her fuck me eyes half hooded as I began to fondle her more vigorously.

As Jayne turned to pick up her drink I was aware of someone beside us now. Standing close to Jayne was a tall black guy, at a guess in his mid-thirties.

“Looks like you’re having a good time,” he said smiling down at Jayne.

“We always have a great time here,” Jayne replied.

This was true and we had indulged in many of our fantasies at the club in the last 18 months. Nothing too extreme but we’d had group sex with other couples, Jayne had discovered her bisexuality and along the way we’d had a lot of fun. I had seen Jayne with other men and been really turned on by this but had always wanted her to see her with a black man and tonight it looked as though this might be another stage in our swinging adventures. We had discussed exactly this scenario and I knew Jayne would be keen to go with the right man.

“Hi! Well my name is Ray, nice to meet you both,” he said.

“I’m Gary and this is my wife Jayne.”

We stood chatting at the bar for a few minutes, mainly talking about the club while I continued fondling Jayne’s by now very juicy pussy. Jayne took a deep breath and then let out a small moan, she was getting very turned on.

Ray excused himself and went to the changing rooms for a minute giving us a chance to chat quickly. I smiled at my lovely horny wife, "you like Ray, don't you?"

"Of course I like him! Look at me." Jayne replied flushed and her eyes heavy.

“Well, how about we find a room and both fuck you, is that what you want? We have both fantasized about it for long enough.”

“Oh yes please Gary.”

Jayne's hands were trembling and I could see goose pimples on her skin as well as feel the heat and dampness between her legs. At that moment, Ray returned and seeing us smile at him took this is a signal to move in closer. As he put his hands around Jayne's slim waist, I could see that he already had quite a bulge in under his towel as he held her tight.

“You are a very attractive woman. Do you mind?” Ray said as his hand slid down to Jayne’s bum.

“No, not at all” Jayne replied, her smile very much giving him the green light. His hand was on her bum now and he squeezed gently and slipped his right hand inside her towel, cupping her little tit. "Mm," she moaned, as this complete stranger felt her up while I fingered her! I looked around and realised we had attracted a bit of an audience and not wanting to unnerve or overwhelm Jayne I leant down and whispered in her ear. “Shall we find a private room for some fun honey?”

"I'm ready if you are." Jayne took my hand from between her thighs and said, “We are going for a wander Ray, and do you want to come too?”

Ray just smiled and tagged on behind staying close as wandered upstairs into the myriad of smaller rooms, some private, some with viewing windows. I have always been a voyeur and couldn’t resist stopping by the viewing window of the couple’s room on the way upstairs. In a little dark corner, Jayne squeezed between Ray and me as we watched through the one-way mirror at the 4 couples screwing on the big pink bed. Jayne just stood watching the action on the bed but I knew would be also enjoying the attention from Ray and me as we took the opportunity to fondle her petite frame.

“Do you mind?” I heard Ray whisper to Jayne. I then saw her push his hand down over her stomach onto her pussy, as I stroked Jayne’s arse I could feel Ray’s fingers probing her pussy. A smile came over her face; she was looking at Ray's towel, which had fallen open revealing a big black cock! For a moment there was silence and no movement as Jayne just looked down at it, staring with an almost hungry look.

Ray laughed and said "You like that babe?"

"Mm! I do, very much. Big and hard."

He took hold of her hand and placed it on his cock, "It'll get even bigger and harder if you stroke it!"

I looked at my wife as she slowly licked her lips, staring at the big black cock pointing up at her in her little hand. Ray moved in even closer to my wife and put a hand on the back of her head, holding her thick ginger hair.

“Well, you like what you see?” Ray asked her.

"Suck it" I whispered, "I want you to suck his black cock, my little slut."

Jayne didn't answer just licked her lips again, hesitated for a moment and then got down into a kneeling position and took his cock into her mouth. I watched my wife open her mouth as he pulled her head to him and saw his cock disappear into her mouth. She groaned softly as he pushed further into her mouth until she almost gagged.

“Suck it baby,” Ray said. I watched fascinated as Jayne grabbed Ray's black cock and started sucking on it. "Your wife really has a sweet mouth."

"Mm." Jayne moaned as she slurped on his cock.

It was so horny seeing her pretty white face and red mouth sliding up and down his big black cock, now shiny and glistening with her saliva. She took it deep, I could see it bulging in her throat, as she grew accustomed to the size. Her head bounced up and down and she moaned in satisfaction. "Oh yeah baby, suck it. Oh fuck, that’s good.” As we had done in the lounge we’d attracted a small audience, about 4 guys were moving in closer wanting to see what this little ginger slut looked like on her knees with a thick black cock rammed between her lips, no doubt hoping for some action themselves.

I took hold of her arm and told her to stand up, "come on honey, I don't want this getting too out of hand, let's find a room somewhere." Holding hands we walked along the narrow corridor passing by the disappointed men who were enjoying the impromptu show. Several hands reached down and Jayne was well groped as we moved between the guys and turned into a small room and I locked the door for some privacy. Tonight a threesome was more that adequate for Jayne! As I turned away from the door and looked at Jayne she dropped her towel to the floor and lay back on the bed naked, legs apart her cunt glistening, at the same time as Ray and I both lost our towels and clambered up on the bed.

"Oh yea baby, that's it." Ray started to rub the inside of Jayne's thighs. Ray dipped his head between my lovely wife’s thighs while I knelt over her head slipping my cock between her lips. Ray lifted a leg onto his shoulder and buried his face in her sweet pussy; her face was a picture as he began eating her pussy. Ray lapped away at her pussy making Jayne moan and writhe as I slid my cock in and out of her luscious mouth sucking and slurping noisily. By the amount of heavy breathing going on we were all very turned on and Jayne pulled my cock from between her lips and mouthed to me, “Fuck me now please!”

Ray moved across the bed to watch as I slid between Jayne's thighs. Straddling her, she grasped my cock, guiding me into her dripping cunt. Hands on her hips, I thrust deep with a grunt and buried my face in her neck whispering in her ear.

"Have I got enough for you slut?"

Jayne moaned "mm!"

I buried my cock in her pussy with all of my weight. "I'll show you what you need, you dirty slut!" I said as I fucked her, feeling her legs wrap around my back. I wanted to use her body, hard, deep and dirty.

"Ray wants to fuck you." After I said it, Jayne started to shudder and cry out! Jayne's fingers clutched at the mattress, her toes curled and her whole body spasmed in a mighty orgasm. She let out a shriek only partially muffled by my kisses and almost wheezed as she fought to catch her breath.

"Do you mind if he fucks me? I want his cock inside me." Jayne asked me when she calmed down.

"I can't wait to see his big black cock fuck you honey," I said as I climbed from between her thighs and sat on the edge of the bed. Jayne sat up and spread her legs, revealing her soaking cunt to Ray. He grinned as the bed creaked with his weight as he moved between her legs.

"I'm going to fuck you now, you sexy little slut," Ray said as he rolled on a condom looking down at Jayne, “Now, get on your hands and knees and take a deep breath before I start to fuck you.”

He grinned as Jayne rolled over onto her hands and knees and pushed herself back between his legs. Kneeling between my wife’s thighs he started wanking his big black cock slowly pointing the knob at her dripping pussy, she stared back at him hypnotised as his big cock moved ever closer to her cunt.

"You want to fuck in front of your husband?" Ray asked Jayne.

"Oh yes, I would love to." Jayne told him as she knelt on the bed facing me pushing back against Ray's hips. He started to ease it inside, making Jayne moan as he penetrated her.

"Your husband will get a good view of his wife taking my big black cock."

He gripped her hips and rammed his big black cock deep inside Jayne's pussy; she let out a loud groan and began to push back against him. He had his hands on both sides of her hips ramming his black cock in and out. His cock slammed deep into her pussy again, the force of his fucking intense. I watched as his hands grabbed her thick red hair, pulling her head up so our eyes locked as he fucked her, his cock, pumping in and out of her pussy.

"Yeah, harder you bastard! Fuck me like a slut!"

"Mm! You love my black cock you little whore. Slut! Fucking with him watching."

Ray was pumping my little wife faster and deeper, both of them breaking out in beads of sweat. His black cock was pistoning in and out of Jayne's pussy and I couldn't hold out much longer, I was so turned on by my normally prim wife behaving like a wanton whore. Jayne smiled up at me as Ray thrust his hips forward, his black cock disappearing between the saturated lips of my wife’s cunt.

"Oh yes, just like that." I heard her whisper as she began using her free hand to rub her clit and as she did her whole body quivered for a moment with a moan. She was groaning loudly and closed her eyes as she started to cum.

“Oh fuck! I’m cumming, shit!” Jayne moaned as another orgasm rippled through her body.

He was fucking her now with long slow thrusts, slapping his balls against her bum every time he thrust fully, her hair was turning wet with sweat and she moved her hips in time with his.

"I want you to cum in my mouth." Jayne said to me.

I slipped my wet cock between her red lips and Jayne's back arched as Ray pushed his cock deep into her and I started fucking my wife's mouth, she was really full of cock now.

"Your wife is a great fuck. I’m ready to cum. Get ready baby,” after a few moments Ray started pumping faster and with a huge thrust came deep in my wife’s hot cunt.

"Oh yea baby, oh yea take it. Oh fuck!" Ray said as he came hard. He rammed his cock deep, grabbed her shoulders and continued to fuck her. She leaned forward, sticking out her tongue to lick me.

“Oh shit, I’m cumming!” I said gripping my wife’s head as I came in her mouth.

I shuddered and gushed over Jayne's tongue and into her mouth; the sight of my wife cumming as this black stranger fucked her was too much for my self-control. My mind was a whirl of erotic visions and thoughts as I shared my wife, who at this moment I loved like never before. Jayne moaned with delight as I came, pumping into her mouth and dripping spunk down her lips and chin. My back arched as Jayne gripped me and took my cock into her mouth, sucking greedily as I filled her mouth with cum.

Ray slowly pulled himself from Jane, climbed down from the bed, disposed of his condom and quickly dressed in his towel. Ray quietly thanked me and we agreed to meet again in the bar later as we shook hands and he walked to the door so that we could be alone. I looked at Jayne spread-eagled on the bed completely spent. I gently stroked her hair and we cuddled gently smiling at each other experiencing a great closeness as we snuggled.

“Let’s head for the showers darling.”

“Then I need a drink please Gary. Maybe we could meet Ray at the bar and make some plans for another time?” Jayne said giggling.

There is a thought and another story no doubt!the end.

  My name is Claire Miles and I am married to my wonderful husband Harald. And together we have three children. Our children are all grown up now and have moved out.

I used to work for a bank, but unfortunately it went out of business. So now I stay at home and take care of our house.

My husband works as a salesman which makes him travel a lot. Doing this he makes a ton of money so even though I don't work, we don't have to worry about our financial side.

Let me tell you a little more about myself.

I am a 47 years old white woman and so is my husband, white that is. I'm about 5 foot 5 inches tall and weigh about 130 pounds. I'm quite proud of my C-cup breasts, which even at my age aren't too saggy. My butt is a bit big I think, although my husband likes it.

For the last five to ten years our sex life hasn't been that great. Because Harald is out traveling a lot of the time, we don't get much time together. And when we do get time together, he is always too tired.

This weekend when he was out of town I did something that is very unlike me. As I was walking in the city I came across an adult store.

I had never been in one of those places before, so I thought what the heck. So I went inside.

As I was walking around looking, my eyes stopped at a certain item. A dildo.

It was a 7 inch pink vibrating dildo. I had read about women in some of my magazines who used those things, and they thought they were great.

As I thought about my and Haralds almost non existing sex life, I decided to go for it and buy one.

So I picked up one of those pink dildos from the shelf, and was about to head over to the counter to pay for it when I saw the adult video section.

I had never been much for porn movies, but I thought it might be fun to have something to watch as I tried my new vibrator.

So I went inside and just picked one from the straight movie section.

I almost felt like a teenager again as I went up to the cashier to pay for the stuff I had picked out.

On my way home I started to wonder about what the vibrator would feel like. I actually got rather horny.

Then when I got home, I went up to our bedroom and turned on the video, and got out the vibrator.

As the movie began it showed a couple having sex. I began to get undressed as I watched this, and when I had stripped down I laid down on the bed and picked up my new pink dildo.

I then turned it on, it vibrated very nicely. As I watched the movie I got the vibrator down to my pussy.

As It touched my lips it sent shivers all through my body. Wow, I thought.

I started moving the vibrator around for a bit and then gently up to my clit. It felt so good having it up against my clit, I was actually getting closer and closer to having an orgasm.

Then it happened.

"Ahhhh." I had my first orgasm in years.

God that felt great.

After that I slowly put away the vibrator.

But then I saw something that both shocked me and really turned me on at the same time. In the movie I saw this blonde woman giving a black man a blowjob.

That white girl was actually sucking that black mans cock, and what a cock it was. It was the biggest I had ever seen. My husbands dick was puny compared to that black thing.

Not even touching myself I felt that I was about to cum.

"Oh god." I moaned as I had my second orgasm, and this one was much longer and harder than the firs one.

I couldn't believe that I had gotten one of the best orgasms ever simply by watching a black man.

After that, I told myself that I just had to go down to the adult store and buy a movie with all black men having sex with white women.

And that I did the next day.

As I was standing in the adult movie section, I found a so called interracial movie section that showed black men with white women.

There were so many videos there. I couldn't pick one, so I picked three of them.

Then as I was walking towards the counter to pay for them, I saw another dildo that I liked. But this one was a 10 inch black dildo that was shaped like a cock. I knew that I just had to have that one so I picked it up as well.

The cashier gave me a little grin as I paid for all of that stuff. Then I quickly got into my car and headed home. I just couldn't wait to watch those movies and get that big dildo out.

As I came home I hurried up to our bedroom and turned on one of the movies. Then I quickly got my clothes off and got out that huge black dildo.

As I watched the movie I saw this big black male getting his cock sucked by this redhead. It was soo hot.

I found myself wanting to be her, so I got the dildo up to my mouth and started to suck on it. I got so incredibly turned on by this. Then as the man started to fuck the white woman I got the dildo down to my pussy.

It felt soo damn big as it entered me, it really stretched me out. But it felt great. A few minutes later I came hard.

"Yesss." I screamed out as I had one great orgasm.

From that day I began to have wet dreams about myself being with a black man. I got so horny just thinking about it.

But I actually couldn't do that, could I? I mean, I was married to this great man.

Days past.

When my husband was at home I had to hide all of the videos and the dildos. And I couldn't even watch the movies. And Harald was mostly too tired to have sex with me.

Months past and I took the opportunity to watch interracial movies when ever my husband was away.

But then one morning as Harald was leaving for a few days I was soo horny. Harald had been home for a week and I hadn't seen one black cock in all that time.

As he left that morning I rushed up to our bedroom and turned on the VCR. But then as I was laying there all naked, the door bell rang.

"Damn it." I thought to myself.

I put on a robe and then I went downstairs and answered the door. I was a bit stunned at the person who was standing there.

It was this coal black male.

"Mrs. Miles." The black man said.

"Yes." I replied.

"Hi, I'm from the gas company and I'm here to check your gas meter." The man told me.

"Oh, well I don't really know where that is." I told him.

"Well it's usually somewhere near the kitchen." He told me.

"Could I come in and look." He then asked me.

"I guess." I said.

"Good." He said as he walked inside.

I then closed the door behind us.

"Where's your kitchen." He asked.

I showed him to our kitchen.

I was actually beginning to feel very horny being around this black guy. I thought that if I ever wanted to make my fantasies come true, this was the moment.

I thought of my loving husband whom I really love as well. But I was so horny that I just couldn't throw away an opportunity like this.

I decided to go for it. So I started to talk to him.

"I'm Claire by the way." I told him.

"James." He told me his name.

"So... is it a tough job working for the gas company." I asked him.

"Well, not really." He told me.

He was still looking for the gas meter. I decided to be a little more forward.

So I untied my robe a little, so that if I bend down he could see my boobs. Then I made my move.

"It's not in here." I said as I bend down and pointed at a corner.

"Lets s..." He paused as he saw my open robe and most likely he could see my naked breasts as well.

I got even more turned on by him looking at me.

"Where did you say it could be?" He then asked as he moved in closer to me.

He was just a few feet away when I bend down again and pointed to the corner.

I saw that he wasn't looking at the corner. He was looking inside of my robe.

And then he made a bold move. He reached inside of my robe with his hand and grabbed my right breast.

"Ohh." I tried to play surprised.

Then he stood up, still having his hand on my breast. He just looked at me as he untied my robe completely and opened it up. He could now see my entire naked body. This was making me soo wet.

A second later he reached over and planted his lips against mine and started kissing me. I felt his tongue against my own. And soon I felt his hand reached down and touch my pussy.

"Mmm." I moaned out.

"Damn you're wet." He said.

"Oh yes." I continued to moan.

Then he grabbed a hold of me and lifted me up onto the kitchen table. He stood in front of me as he unbuckled his pants and then pulled them down. Soon after that he also pulled down his underwear exposing his big rock hard black cock.

"Oh god." I said as I watched him.

This was what I had been waiting for.

He then got up to me and pushed his cock straight into my awaiting pussy.

"Oh my, yess." I moaned as he started to pound me.

He was much bigger than my husband.

"God yes, fuck me." I moaned out.

I couldn't believe what I was saying, but he was making me so horny. He started to slam his cock in and out of me, hard.

"Yess, fuck me with your big black cock." I screamed out.

He was absolutely pounding my pussy. I had never been fucked so hard before.

"Ahhh." He then grunted.

I could feel him cumming inside of me.

"Oh yes pump me." I told him.

Then he made some final thrusts, after which he eased down and then gave me a kiss.

"That was great Claire." He told me as he then left the house.

I wondered a little about why he didn't finish his search for the meter.

But then it hit me, I had cheated on my husband. Even though it was the best fuck I had ever had, I felt very guilty.

Then a day later my husband Harald came home.

"Hi honey, I've made your favorite foods." I told him when he came inside the house.

"What's the occasion?" He asked.

"I'm just glad that you're home." I told him.

Later that night as we were going to bed I felt so guilty that I just had to tell him.

"Honey, I've done a terrible thing." I said.

"What's that dear?" He asked.

"I've... I've slept with another man." I told him looking down.

"I know you might not forgive me." I then said.

"Who was it?" He asked.

"I don't know him, he was just here to check the gas meter." I told him.

"Was he black?" Harald then asked me.

"What." I said.

Did he know?

"Claire, I know about it." He then said.

"You know!" I said feeling confused.

"His name was James, right." He then said.

"How?" I said.

"James is a guy I know through my work. And I asked him if he wanted to sleep with a beautiful white woman. My wife. He eventually said yes." Harald told me.

"But why?" I asked.

"I know that I haven't really fulfilled you the last couple of years. And then a month ago I found your videos and your black dildo. So I thought that I would give you a chance to experience the real thing." Harald told me.

"You did that for me." I said.

"I would do anything to make you happy." Harald told me.

I smiled.

"Harald, do you feel horny." I then asked him as I saw a bulge forming in his shorts.

"Kind of." He said.

And that night Harald and I had some awesome sex.

The next day we talked a bit more about it.

"You know dear, if you ever want to do it again, I thought that we might find someone together." He told me.

"Really." I said surprised.

"Yes, but afterwards I want to hear all the details." Harald told me.

"I like the sound of that." I told him smiling.

And that's the way Harald and I spiced up our love life the end.